Closing Thought–19Apr17

Ahoy Mateys!

Anchors Aweigh!

But first…what are these Trump-ites smoking?

Spicer said that the 48% win by the Dem in was a big loss for the Dems….even the Tweeter in chief wrote that it was a loss for the Dems…and these are the people that say news is fake news…..that must be some kinda good shit they be smoking!  Bag it and price it!  The internet will do the rest!

Now to the post at hand.

There is a mash up between the US and North Korea…..the exchange of words, some not so polite and then our President threatened the NK with the full force of the Us Navy……a carrier group headed for the waters off the Korean peninsula….

VP Pence has his “tough” words for NK…….

“We will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective American response,” he said. “All options are on the table. History will attest the soldier does not bear the sword in vain.”

But then when the smoke settled the group was not anywhere it was said to be….

Over the past couple of weeks, speculation about an imminent US attack on North Korea has centered heavily around the USS Carl Vinson’s carrier strike group, which White House officials had hyped as having been sent to the Sea of Japan to send a “powerful message.”

The White House and other top officials had reiterated this deployment many times since the initial announcement, presenting it as steaming rapidly toward North Korea for an apparent confrontation. Imagine everyone’s surprise, then, when the US Navy released a picture of the USS Carl Vinson off the coast of Indonesia.

You’ll immediately notice that Indonesia is nowhere near North Korea, and also that the ship was announced as having left Singapore en route to North Korea, and actually sailed in the opposite direction. The White House is now insisting that they were just telling the media what the Pentagon had told them about the USS Carl Vinson’s destination.



Now I know a bit of misdirection is always used in world affairs but this was something more than that.

Was this a ploy?  Or just a bit of chest thumping?

I understand a diplomatic bluff but this one was a lame one at best….in today’s electronic world it could be easily verified of the location of this “group”…..

This was amateur hour at best….. Just a few months into the Trump administration, it still isn’t clear what course the president’s foreign policy will ultimately take. What is clear, however, is that the impulsiveness, combativeness, and recklessness that characterized Donald Trump’s election campaign have survived the transition into the presidency.

Not the best way to run a foreign policy……but without experts in the field this is what we have left…..juvenile bragging and threatening… credibility.

Go now!  Enjoy the rest of your day….I shall be back….chuq


6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–19Apr17

  1. When I heard of this in my early AM (for me early is before 8am (PST) I immediately thought “Oh Trump prattling on again about which he knows nothing” instead of a ploy to make ’em back down. As a show of strength it was a flop since we didn’t follow through as another example of Trump and Trumpites talking without knowing; it is a stellar example; either way it is egg on our face. I bet lil kim is laughing our loud right now. What is the point of speaking if you don’t have the knowledge or can’t tell the truth?Inquiring minds want to know. ~~dru~~

  2. Well, I’m sure the pictures looked great until the ship was pinpointed. Indonesia, really? Considering our deplorable lack of geography education in this country (my inner Geography teacher dies a little more every day), I can’t help but wonder if Ms. DeVos has anything to say about it now…hmm…and to think, didn’t Dump have a private school education? Guess I gotta look that up.

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