Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

I know…I know…I said that I would not write about the damn MOAB any more unless there was something substantial…well I believe I found something….

There has been lots written about that damn bomb dropped in Eastern Afghanistan….the MOAB.

But there was another story that was in the news but no one bothered to bring attention to it because too many were taking a victory lap about the use of MOAB…….but what could be that important?

How about FOAB….Father Of All Bombs…..a Russian invention.

To be honest it may be a myth….a little chest thumping by the Russians.

The specifics of the mythical Father of All Bombs have never been confirmed beyond Russian military claims, but it is purported to have a blast equivalent to a whopping 44 tons of TNT. This would give it a blast radius roughly twice that of the American MOAB, at about 300 meters. Like all other “thermobaric” bombs, it uses the atmosphere to power its fuel reaction, rather than incorporating an oxidizer into the fuel mixture in the weapon itself. This means that as the explosion progresses, it burns through the air to power its own chemical reaction, creating a super-heated, ultrasonic shock wave that literally vaporizes most anything other than rock.

Russia typically describes the FOAB as a nuke without the fallout — a chance to harness the destructive potential of a nuclear weapon without the messy radioactive contamination that follows.

But what is the difference?


Radius Damage:

  • Up to 1000 yards: Obliterates everything.
  • Up to 1 mile: Knocks people, tents, light buildings, cars and jeeps over within 1-mile radius.
  • Up to 1.7 miles: Shockwave kills people, causes severe damage to properties, equipment, blows trucks, tank off road.
  • Up to 2 miles: Causes deafness.
  • Up to 5 miles: Shakes ground, break windows.
  • Up to 30 miles: 10,000 foot high mushroom crowd.

Here are some features of MOAB:

  • Each MOAB costs around US $16 million.
  • So far the United States has 20 such weapons and the military has spent almost $314 million on the production of the explosive.
  • The original goal of building the MOAB was to act as a non-nuclear deterrent against former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein.
  • At the time of its development, MOAB was considered as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever designed.
  • After MOAB was tested, Russia on the other side tested its “Father of All Bombs”, which is claimed to be four times as powerful as the MOAB.

FOAB….(not much info available)

Here are some features of FOAB:

  • “Father of All Bombs” (FOAB) is a Russian-designed, bomber-delivered thermobaric weapon.
  • Some reports suggest that the bomb specially designed by Russian military is four times more powerful than MOAB.
  • Hence FOAB is considered as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the world.
  • Also, United States defence analysts had several time raised questions on the veracity of Russia’s claims.
  • On September 11, 2007, FOAB was successfully tested in the late evening.

Yes this may be a myth a flexing of their propaganda muscle……and this has been avoided by the MSM….so I decided to do what the MSM refused to do….make the comparison.


17 thoughts on “Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

  1. Makes you question the human mind of the humans who spend their time devising how to blow up humans.
    it is a mad world…and a sorrowful one.

      1. Managing,thank you chuq
        Still on twitter…an online friend got suspended but she is back with a new account minus all her previous followers which was 2,500.. 😦
        shit happens 🙂

  2. Please tell me I’m not the only one who was thinking of the “barber shop chairs” scene in “The Great Dictator”, with the two jacking the chairs higher as they talked to outdo each other. Not much a guess who Hynkel would represent, right?

  3. I think that the Russian FOAB does exist, though perhaps not in any great numbers. The testing of that bomb was reported some time ago, by both the UK and US intelligence services. Still, no need to worry. The US still has 19 more MOABs, and if the Russians have only got one more FOAB, that more than serves the ‘balance’ model.
    Hard to believe we are still writing about such things in 2017, isn’t it? Where did that promised peaceful future go?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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