Grab Your Knees And Bend Over

The attack in Syria….the “Big Bang”……the vocal war with North Korea…..the ramping up of troops deployments to areas like Somalia and Yemen… appears to this analyst that the war drums are beating a bit louder…..

The media seems to be on the side of more involvement around the world…..armed involvement……

The American public is bracing for war now that President Donald Trump has seemingly stumbled upon “the keys to the family gun cabinet,” as one observer put it, after a week of rash and aggressive military action.

The unprecedented use of a GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB), known as the ‘mother of all bombs,’ on Thursday was just the latest in a series of attacks by the U.S. in recent days, prompting demands for a Congressional debate on the use of military force.

Source: Americans Bracing for More War Under Trigger-Happy Trump | Common Dreams

Americans should be very worried at the tone in DC…the chest thumping and the screams for revenge are getting louder and the louder it gets the more likely more force will be used…..

Time for my fellow citizens to start paying attention and time for a antiwar movement to appear and demand that this crap end……time for a movement to end these wars of opportunity and exploitation…..time to bring our overworked troops home for a rest…..

Below is a “Libertarian” look at the situation…..a look that I firmly agree with on most points…..

War-whoops and loud applause from foreign policy establishments and their media supporters have greeted President Trump’s missile strike in Syria, the dropping of the world’s largest non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan and the dispatch of a naval task force in the direction of North Korea.

This spurt in belligerence over the last week has as much to do with domestic American politics as any fundamental new development in the rest of the world. Trump needed to defuse the accusation that he was too close to President Putin and too tolerant of a Russian ally like Bashar al-Assad. The resort to military action was largely in keeping with the old Pentagon saying that “defence policy ends at the water’s edge”, meaning that it is politics inside, not outside the US, which is the real decision-maker.

Source: America should start exploring how to end all the wars it’s started – The Unz Review

Time for the American public to wake the Hell up and smell the explosive residue… will only get worse the more silent the public remains…


33 thoughts on “Grab Your Knees And Bend Over

  1. We all know how “Anti-War movements go in The United States. “No Blood For Oil” in Iraq for example .. and all the anti-war protests of the 1960s — fruitless .. useless … accomplished nothing .. the wars went on in spite of the protests.

      1. Too many traitors and cowards in the bunch for my sake .. draft dodgers .. I was wearing the uniform … I was a certified “Baby Killer” according to some of those scumbags … so whatever!

      2. I hope you are not talking about the vets that lead the protests…they were far more patriotic than the toads that wrapped themselves in the flag and stayed home.

      3. I am a vet and I do not remember any vets leading any protests … but I am sure there may have been some … but I was knee deep in the shit at the time and I did not appreciate either the protesters or the protests … they felt like treason … I was committed to the service of my country … To Hell with the protests and the protesters was my attitude and still is because I have friends who died in that mess.

      4. Then you weren’t there…Vietnam Veterans Against The War were leaders….I have friends that died there most of them fighting next to me…..I saw enough blood for a lifetime and most of it my friends and brothers…I say to Hell with people that were not there and think their opinion matters.

      5. I was in Service from 1962 until 1966 and I never heard a word about the people you are talking about. But there were plenty of hippies running around with anti-war signs and sneaking off to Canada because they didn’t have the balls to fight.

      6. I was in Vietnam 1967-1970…they were there and they alone had the right to protest….Google ought to prove their existence

  2. I have to wonder how many in charge right now actually know why we’re beating our chests. Why are we prepping for war so hard? Why has Dump been poking other leaders in the eye and getting huffy when they’re not his friends? Sheesh–who wants war so damned much and why? And should we end up in another one (on top of the crap we’re already doing), they’d better be dropped on the ground with the first wave of troops…war’s a lot easier in a corner office with air conditioning.

    1. Exactly….if one does not have to fight then they are not that important….but the profits are and few want to make the connection….chuq

    2. You know in a Video Game called Earth 2150 a group called the Eurasia Dynasty did that to it’s leader for being an idiot. I guess will have to wait till Trump becomes a royal communist monarch?

  3. On a recent TV docu about bunkers, apparently they’re sales have skyrocketed, mostly purchased by wealthy Trumpers, it’s as if they knew.

      1. They have bunkers that are as luxurious as any fine home anyone could want. I think I’ll take my chances with the rest of humanity.

  4. Cheeto likes his big bombs and guns…. You know what they say about men with that sorta preoccupation.

    Now anyway Trump is basically about to start world war 3 with his whole armada to North Korea?

    We may want to stay away from the coast and major cities and other Nuclear Targets for a while?

  5. As Thatcher found out with The Falklands War, foreign wars can really raise your popularity profile. Many ardent anti-war protesters soon become vilified as being unpatriotic, and the media jumps on the bandwagon of reporting successes, or glorifying defeats.
    But for that trick to work properly, you first have to win…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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