Closing Thought–18Apr17

These days there is a wealth of push back against the presidency of Donald Trump……and many are looking for ways to fight his presidency… a legal way…..

I found a piece about a new party that is dedicated in the confronting the Trump agenda……the Resistance Party.

We fight to defend constitutional rights, democratic norms, & the rule of law in the United States

Source: The Resistance Party – We Are the Resistance

Resistance is there you just do not know it because apparently the antics of some idiots in the LA bayous is more important…..of course this will be of no consequence….because no one cares.

If you are not a fan of the Trumpster then maybe check out this “party”…or just roll over and do it again…..wink wink…..

That is it for me for today….see you guys tomorrow with more stuff….chuq



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