War Drums Beat Louder

Since we hit that Syrian airfield the war drums have been beating a bit louder…..and they are playing for North Korea.

We all are aware of the tension between NK and the US and well the rest of the world…….and it appears that Japan is paying the drummer……

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned Thursday that North Korea may be capable of firing a missile loaded with sarin nerve gas toward Japan, as international concern mounted that a missile or nuclear test by the authoritarian state could be imminent. “There is a possibility that North Korea is already capable of shooting missiles with sarin as warheads,” Abe told a parliamentary panel when asked about Japan’s readiness at a time of increased regional tension. A US navy aircraft carrier is heading toward the Korean Peninsula as Pyongyang prepares for the 105th anniversary of the birth of founder Kim Il Sung this weekend. The Guardian reports there is speculation the country could stage a missile test around the birthday celebration or on April 25, which marks the 85th anniversary of the Korean People’s Army.

North Korea has been producing chemical weapons since the 1980s and is now estimated to have as many as 5,000 tons, according to a South Korean defense white paper. Its stockpile reportedly has 25 types of agents, including sarin, reports the AP. Japan, under its postwar constitution, has limited the role of its military to self-defense only and relied on the US for offensive and nuclear capability. But recently, Abe’s ruling party has proposed that Japan should bolster its missile defense, including upgrading the capability to shoot down an enemy missile. China weighed in on the overall situation Thursday, per Reuters, with Foreign Minister Wang Yi saying, “Military force cannot resolve the issue. … Amid tensions we will also find a kind of opportunity to return to talks.”

To me it is a little suspicious that sarin gas is being used to fuel the mash up to action……only days after a sarin gas attack in Syria and a US retaliation and now NK is wanting to use the gas for itself……

Now word has come out that if NK has another nuke test or fires a missile in any direction there could be a response by the US……

The US is preparing to launch a preemptive strike on North Korea should the country appear ready to conduct a nuclear weapons test—something it may be considering doing as soon as this weekend. The information comes from “multiple senior US intelligence officials” speaking to NBC News. North Korea has been warning of a “big event” in the near future, and officials believe it to be a nuclear weapons test.

To prepare, the US has positioned two US destroyers, as well as heavy bombers, in the area. And an aircraft carrier strike group is on the way. Officials say the preemptive strike could be a combination of missiles, bombs, special operations forces on the ground, and cyber warfare. It would reportedly not involve nuclear weapons. One senior intelligence officer acknowledges the “high stakes” of the situation, as well as the chance that US preparations could provoke action by North Korea. For its part, North Korea has promised a “merciless retaliatory strike,” including nuclear weapons, if the US attacks first. Read the full story here.


And what of the population in Seoul, about 20 million, would they not be the logical target for a NK retaliation?

This weekend could be the tell of the tale….a big parade, a military parade, and a good time for a test of some sort……

Time for these toads in DC to step back and use a little rational thought….but will they now that they have tasted PR success with Syria?

Military force cannot resolve tension over North Korea, China said on Thursday, while an influential Chinese newspaper urged the North to halt its nuclear programme in exchange for Chinese protection.

With a US aircraft carrier group steaming to the area and tension rising, South Korea said it believed the United States would consult it before any preemptive strike against the North.

Fears have been growing that the reclusive North could soon conduct its sixth nuclear test or more missile launches in defiance of UN sanctions and stark warnings from the United States that a policy of patience was over.

Source: China: Military force won’t halt North Korea threat | China News | Al Jazeera

Please someone get a script for “chill pills”….Washington is on a PR high and we need to bring them back down to reality.

This is not a pretty picture.


12 thoughts on “War Drums Beat Louder

      1. A pleasant and relaxing week in the new bomb shelter, right? — The Pentagon has been pushing back on the reports of an imminent U.S. Preemptive strike calling it “Dangerous Speculation.” So who are we to believe and who in their right mind believes the President is thinking of nuking the planet? Preposterous!

  1. You might like this, chuq. From someone who has actually been to that country.

    The televised parade was to celebrate the opening of a new shopping street, and some recently-constructed apartment blocks. Something that passes as cause for national celebration, in Pyongyang.
    If the DPRK does use any of these devices, they would be like the ‘national’ equivalent of a suicide bomber, prepared to be completely eliminated, to prove a point.
    No doubt the proximity of South Korea gives them some confidence that any retaliation would be equally as destructive to their neighbour.
    Regards, Pete.

  2. I read that NBC News jumped the gun on announcing a preemptive strike on Korea by the US and the Pentagon has reportedly pushed back calling that report “Dangerous Speculation” and more or less saying that no such strike is in the plans. Who do we believe?

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