North Korea: Why Not Try Realism?

Lil Kim and North Korea have been showing up more and more in the news.  He has mouthed off, launched a couple missiles and thumped his chest….much the same that his daddy and granddaddy had done and the US has met their challenge in much the same manner for three decades of so.

The Trump administration is headed down the same path…a path that has not worked in those many years…maybe time to try something new (I have said this before but no one was listening)….

Every recent U.S. administration (Clinton, Bush, and Obama) has confronted the problem of North Korea’s (DPRK) nuclear weapons program. While claiming their predecessors failed, successive administrations have shared the same objective: completely roll back the DPRK’s development of a deliverable nuclear weapons capability and prevent proliferation of a nuclear weapon or device to a third party – both without inducing a conflagration on or outside the Peninsula.

After working the problem, all three administrations came to the same conclusion: North Korea’s strategic weapons program is a complex and difficult issue with no simple solution. The Trump Administration appears to be headed in the same direction. Some combination of the same options has always been in play: negotiations, sanctions, the threat of force, and pressure on China to use its influence with the North. None of these tactics have worked.

Source: Realism and North Korea | The Cipher Brief

We have a new president and with him we got a whole new diplomatic challenge……the problem is his appointees have shown to be inept and dullards….most all have ties with the M-IC and that means that they will follow the same path as his predecessors…..more money thrown at the M-IC with no real solution to be found.

Anyone that thinks these are the people to make America great again are ever drunk or high…..


10 thoughts on “North Korea: Why Not Try Realism?

  1. The Romans had the right idea. When military options failed, they made them honourary Romans, and gave them ‘Bread and Circuses’. We should try the modern day options. Free Nike trainers, Aid programmes, educational programmes, and popular music. Make them your friends first, get them coveting coffee and burgers, and the colonisation begins…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Sorry for the confusion….here in the US it means the “Military-Industrial Complex”….the warmongers. Thanx for the visit and hope to see you often….chuq

  2. Try Realism? Bwahahahahaha….. Trump is America’s Reality, a “Reality-TV” (an oxymoron by any definition) star who believes he was elected because he “gets good ratings”, and, that whatever he chooses to believe is reality…. If Lil Kim’s shape is any indication, he’s already addicted to fast foods, so, perhaps making them honorary ‘murricans would work. But, if so, what the hell is the world gonna do with that many more obese zombies?….

    It’s ALL fucking broken, ffolkes; there isn’t a viable solution to any of it, except the most obvious end point of all the current scenarios, to wit; extinction…. We’ll stop fighting & acting crazy when we’re all dead….

    Sorry to be ‘realistic’… but, that’s reality for ya….

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. And what is international relations except another field of human interactions…. The massive stupidity of the human race permeates every level of interactions….especially the political field….

        But, it does make for interesting conversation….


        g, td

  3. I always thought that air dropping Internet devices into the country was a good plan. The oppressed people could see that the rest of the world is much better off than they ever were and would revolt against their fat dictator and overthrow the government. The U.S. and other allies could seize the chance to enter into the country, bringing with them western culture, and complete the assimilation of the North Koreans into the oligarch controlled collective. It’s as valid as any other idea thrown out there 🙂

    1. And a good idea….but I believe that NK has a team that makes sure there is NO internet entering the country….something I read recently…..have a good Tuesday….chuq

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