The Birth Of The “Ministry Of Truth”

Does anyone recall the “Ministry of Enlightenment and Propaganda”?

Do not hurt yourself diving for Google… is the title that Hitler bestowed on Joseph Geobbels…..there was a governmental agency that had a lock on the “Truth”….why do I bring this up?

I am so glad that you asked that one important question.

While you were out wasting your hard earned cash on gifts for people that probably could care less our present president, the one we have now…not the one waiting in the wings for the helm of the government……signed a bill into law…..

President Obama quietly signed the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act into law, which authorizes a military spending budget of $611 billion, and includes the dangerous Counter Disinformation and Anti-Propaganda Act.

This bill, as we reportedly previously, will “Criminalize ‘Fake News, Propaganda’ on the Web,” a key piece of legislation meant to crack down on free speech and independent media. In Layman’s terms, the act will allow the government to crack down with impunity against any media outlet it deems “propaganda.” The next piece of the legislation will provide substantial amounts of money to fund “counter propaganda,” to make sure the government’s approved stories drown out alternative media and journalists who question the status quo.

The “right to free speech and freedom of the press,” is guaranteed by the First Amendment to The U.S. Constitution. It is a foundation of American values, put in place by our Founding Fathers to protect our liberties, is now being endangered by this new law.

(A post on Free Speech would be a good way to start 2017)

This is not the first time that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was used to disguise a piece of legislation. Back in 2012, Obama signed a law that allowed for the “indefinite detention of American citizens” without a judge or jury. Then in 2013, Obama signed an NDAA bill that packaged an end to the Smith-Mundit act that prevented the government from using propaganda against its own citizens enabling the government again to legally produce propaganda.

What does that mean for you if you are an independent journalist or blogger? You can read more here, but it means that for simply writing this and asking questions and pointing out that Obama always signs these bills around the holidays like I did in this poem, if I am accused of “fake news” or propaganda, I could face criminal charges.

In other words the stage is now set for the U.S. government to legally crack down on every media outlet that the they deem to be “foreign propaganda.” The ministry of truth is setup. Welcome to 1984.

Plus we have a leader that has much animosity toward the media….how will that play out after 20Jan?


17 thoughts on “The Birth Of The “Ministry Of Truth”

  1. Yeah, this isn’t good news for the ones that question the mainstream. Almost makes me want to invest in the effort to migrate to the dark web, encrypt my mobile devices and post from the shadows to evade capture.

    This line, “proclaim much of the internet to be “criminal Russian propaganda” if it is allowed to pass.” is just scary as hell.

    1. I agree….I am an old fart and had to deal with the COINTELPRO in the 70’s & 80’s….but in those days Americans were okay with this type of crap because it involved us Leftist…real Leftist not some Dem in dress up….chuq

  2. Love, Peace, Plenty and Truth…huh. Yeah, we’re on our way. I hate fake news myself, because of the many who just blindly believe, but make the truth easier to access, and teach the youth how to find the truth vs. the lies for themselves, and maybe we can really change things without the crazy.

    Then again, maybe I should go back to sleep before the rainbow unicorn by the three-foot tall coffee mug tries to gore me with its horn while the Pink Floyd “Wall” hammers march through the side door again.

    Feel like I need a regular-sized cup of coffee (without a baby shark swimming in it) and some philosophy students to sit with me for a year and contemplate Truth while the Great Liars manipulate and destroy every facet of it through legislation and stupidity. One can have nightmares, right?

    1. Coffee’s good…I have a discussion group, the Psi phi Society, has nothing to do with Scifi…..we sit and debate, argue and converse on a wealth of subjects…it helps the sanity….chuq

      1. I agree…I am working on a post about “free speech”….just notes for now…but it will be something to do with this post….

  3. Can I simply say what a aid to find someone who actually knows what theyre speaking about on the internet. You positively know easy methods to bring a problem to gentle and make it important. Extra individuals need to read this and perceive this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more in style since you undoubtedly have the gift.

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