Who’s The Boss?

Nope, not some nostalgic crap about a 1980’s sitcom….this is a real question after a vote at the Untied Nations…..for decades the Israelis have been stealing land from Palestinians under a cloud of deceit and lies…..finally the UN has stepped up and given a resolution against this land theft.

Israel’s liar in chief BiBi is fuming over the vote and is pissed at the US for not voting instead we abstained….

The Israeli government’s furious reaction to the UN Security Council’s adoption of a resolution opposing Jewish settlements in occupied territory underscores its fundamental and bitter dispute with the international community about the future of the West Bank and east Jerusalem, writes Josef Federman at AP. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists there is nothing wrong with his controversial policy of building Jewish towns in occupied areas that the Palestinians, with overwhelming world support, claim for their state. But Friday’s UN rebuke was a stark reminder that the rest of the world considers it a crime. The embattled leader is now placing his hopes in the incoming administration of Donald Trump, which is shaping up as the first major player to embrace Israel’s nationalist right and its West Bank settlements.

In a series of statements, Netanyahu has criticized the Obama administration for letting Resolution 2334 pass Friday by abstaining, using unprecedented language that has turned a policy disagreement into a personal vendetta. “From the information that we have, we have no doubt that the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording, and demanded that it be passed,” Netanyahu told his Cabinet on Sunday. The resolution marked a sharp international rebuke of Israeli settlement policies in the West Bank and east Jerusalem—territories captured in the 1967 Mideast war and claimed by the Palestinians as parts of a future independent state. Some 600,000 Israelis now live in the two areas, complicating any partition of the land between Israel and a future Palestine. On Sunday, Netanyahu also summoned the US ambassador and the ambassadors of 10 other nations to protest the vote, reports USA Today.

BiBi has been lying for 20 years to the American public….and what is it to say that he continues to do so……but he says what every demagogue says…..BiBi is butt hurt and vows REVENGE…not on the US but on Palestinians…..a true peaceful humanitarian.  (He’s a douche)

As a response to the resolution, Israel and it’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to conduct ‘revenge demolitions‘ of Palestinian homes; approved building some 5,600 housing units in East Jerusalem for illegal settlements;  cut funding to five UN institutions worth $7.8 million; threatened to directly target UNRWA with Trump’s help; and recalled it’s ambassadors from Senegal and New Zealand.

What’s he gonna do?  Israel needs the US more than the US needs Israel.  I say call his bluff…that is what you do to bullies and dolts……

Keeping watching the news….the fallout of this situation……you will see WHO is really in charge of the government of the US….it has already begun…..Senators on the Israeli payroll are already voicing their handlers words….


18 thoughts on “Who’s The Boss?

  1. ““From the information that we have, we have no doubt that the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording, and demanded that it be passed,” Netanyahu told his Cabinet on Sunday.”

    I hope like hell that he did.

    1. Hi Larry hope you had a good holiday….I have added something to the post since your comment…something that BiBi has said in response to this action….chuq

  2. As usual Mr. Trump wants to up the ante threatening to put the US Embassy in the holy city of Jerusalem…that buffoon never knows when to shut the hell up.

    1. So true….did you see how fast BiBi ran to Trump after the vote? Neither knows when to shut the Hell up….hopefully there will be backlash….hope you had a good holiday….chuq

      1. I did see BiBi wasted no time in partnering up with our new “leader to be”. Holiday was good , hope yours was too!

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