Could It Be WW3 By Mistake?

I have in the past looked for that linch pin, an occurrence that could start a World War (kinda like Sarajevo in 1914), a place that could ignite into a major conflict….but recently with all the babble about fake news….. could something be written on social media that could be that spark?

But first a little historic perspective from 1980……

Harsh political rhetoric, combined with the vulnerability of the nuclear command-and-control system, has made the risk of global catastrophe greater than ever.

On June 3, 1980, at about two-thirty in the morning, computers at the National Military Command Center, beneath the Pentagon, at the headquarters of the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD), deep within Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, and at Site R, the Pentagon’s alternate command post center hidden inside Raven Rock Mountain, Pennsylvania, issued an urgent warning: the Soviet Union had just launched a nuclear attack on the United States. The Soviets had recently invaded Afghanistan, and the animosity between the two superpowers was greater than at any other time since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

U.S. Air Force ballistic-missile crews removed their launch keys from the safes, bomber crews ran to their planes, fighter planes took off to search the skies, and the Federal Aviation Administration prepared to order every airborne commercial airliner to land.

Source: World War Three, by Mistake – The New Yorker

Now for the social media thingy…..there was an incident in 2016 that could have led to a massive reaction…..

If 2016 is the year of the fake news story, then it’s ending in appropriate fashion: One bogus story has just led to a veiled threat of nuclear retaliation. As the Times of Israel explains, the craziness began when a fake news site, AWD News, ran a fake story in which an Israeli official accuses Pakistan of meddling in Syria and warns that Israel would attack Islamabad with nuclear weapons in response. One clue it’s a fake story: The Israeli official quoted is named as defense minister Yoshe Ma’alon, but he left the post months ago. However, this did not deter Pakistani defense chief Khawaja Mohammad Asif, who responded to the fake nuclear threat with a tweet that sounds uncomfortably close to a real one: “Israeli def min threatens nuclear retaliation presuming pak role in Syria against Daesh. Israel forgets Pakistan is a Nuclear state too.”

Israel’s defense ministry tweeted back that the story is “entirely false,” reports the New York Times. Pakistan hasn’t yet responded. This, however, isn’t Asif’s first threat regarding his country’s nuclear arsenal. In September, he warned that Pakistan would consider using tactical nuclear weapons against India if it were threatened by its neighbor, reported the Times of India. For the record, Israel maintains a policy of what the AP terms “nuclear ambiguity:” It has neither confirmed nor denied that it has such an arsenal.

Sometimes the major insanity of war is ignited by one small seemingly insignificant spark…these days are dangerous and volatile….caution and commonsense are needed now more than ever…..two characteristics that are sadly lacking.


22 thoughts on “Could It Be WW3 By Mistake?

  1. Being as the media reports the news they want, not ALL the facts, that I consider most news I hear as ‘fake news.’ But some people do take things as gospel and just about anything could be the spark.

  2. WTF? Trading threats on Twitter! What’s next? Facebook Live videos of someone pushing a red button saying “This nuke’s for you.”??

    I’d be ashamed if I survived a WW3 nuclear war to only tell other survivors that it started with a series of Tweets. How insanely ridiculous is that?

    1. I would think the it would be as they push the button…”It’s Miller Time”…..look at our prez…he thinks attacks on Twitter are the way to run the presidency….so it may not be as insane as we think.

      I do hope you had a good holiday and a better week to come….chuq

      1. My post today will answer the question on whether I had a good holiday. The week is short work-wise, so they’re always good weeks.

        Ridiculous that the word President and the word Twitter are uttered in the same sentence. The presidency has finally caught up to how most of America communicates.

      2. Has your post been published yet? If so I missed it….never thought I would see a president resort to immature Tweets because someone hurt his feelings….gonna be a long 4 years…maybe longer…God forbid….chuq

  3. Since Industrial Revolution humankind has been making war on a daily basis against our own planet. Stupid people think it “will fix itself” or “it will right itself”. Huh ?

  4. Makes one wonder: could “the Internet of Things (IoT)” actually start a nuclear war? I think we are getting closer and closer to that reality when the crucial life and death decisions will no longer be made by “man” but by computers reading each other. No longer any feelings or emotions involved, just machines in move/counter move based on programming. Maybe that’s how mankind becomes the author of his own demise thinking he’s being wise.

      1. Skynet? It’s easy to jump straight to that conclusion but this IoT does NOT have to become self aware to destroy the earth. It doesn’t have to make any conscious decision, it just has to respond to programming. Imagine a serious hack that inserts a bug in the system. The bug travels through, inserting mini-apps that begin to “see” enemy activity, nukes going hot. It responds to its own programming: arm and launch. Done before any human even knows what happened. In today’s reality, nothing is far-fetched any longer. Like the sword of Damocles, everything hangs on the thread of the possible.

      2. We’re not talking about consciousness here, just a technologically advanced recording device. No different than pictures from a surveillance camera. As usual it will still be up to the judge whether the “evidence” is admissible or not.

      3. You are missing my point….your privacy is dead with these items…they are always on and always recording your stuff….it will be verbal testimony….just a thought…chuq

      4. Yes, I totally missed your point, sorry. The privacy issue is big with some people but for me as a deliberate “law abiding citizen” by choice (until such laws become oppressive to me, or morally unacceptable) I never think in terms of violation of privacy. I go about my life knowing it’s an open book anyway. Plus, I am not “connected” as such – no “smart” items in my life, just a couple of old phones I use as readers (no sim cards) and a $10/mo flip phone for business/emergencies. No TV connection, just the “box” I use to watch DVD’s – movies or documentaries. I do use wifi on this computer but again, nothing to hide. I already know the System – every aspect of it – is my enemy. Nothing good can come from it because it is a perversion of life. “Expect the worse, you’ll never be disappointed” is my life’s motto. It’s a great reminder each time I’m faced with the life-destroying tentacles of the System. And if the System decides I belong in jail, I can make friends there too. 🙂

  5. This sounds a lot like the plot of the film ‘War Games’ (1983)
    We are going to need a teenage kid to sort out those computers!
    Thanks again for following, this time redflagflying. Much appreciated.
    Regards, Pete.

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