Closing Thought–26Dec16

‘Tis the day after Christmas and I hope all went well on that special day for all my readers and followers… we prepare for the next big day…New Year’s.

One thought before I start……..Christmas that magical time for Christians….but did anyone notice that those good Christians in a time of “good will toward men” could not cease their vulgar attacks on any one that does not agree with their perverted mindset?  Good Christians everyone.

Enough…time to move on….

I am not a techno geek and I am a blogger and I use Twitter basically for news but many of my friends and readers are on Facebook….I am not one of those….I did not trust the Facebook format at all from the very beginning so I avoided it like a plague….these days our intel group is visiting our social media outlets regularly….at least they could do is leave a positive note……

But I read something about Facebook that is disturbing to me……

Facebook released its latest transparency report today, detailing government requests for user data for the first half of 2016. According to the report, government requests for account data increased by 27 percent globally as compared with the last half of 2015. The number of requests grew from 46,710 to 59,229, Facebook said.

The majority of the requests (56 percent) received from U.S. law enforcement contained a non-disclosure clause that prevented Facebook from notifying the user in question, the company noted.

As with prior transparency reports, Facebook also detailed the number of content restriction requests — that is, the requests from governments in response to postings that violate local laws.

Source: Government requests for Facebook user data up 27 percent in first half of 2016 | TechCrunch

I wonder how many “hacks” were done without the official “request”?

Call me paranoid if you like…but I would sooner kiss a rattlesnake than trust Facebook.


See you guys tomorrow….have a day….chuq


12 thoughts on “Closing Thought–26Dec16

  1. Trust Fakebook? When times turn to evil, trust is a commodity best done without. In terms of institutions out there, is anyone, anyone at all trustworthy? Not one.

  2. You wrote — “…..did anyone notice that those good Christians in a time of “good will toward men” could not cease their vulgar attacks on any one that does not agree with their perverted mindset?…..”

    Most religions can not cease their vulgar attacks on any one that does not agree with their perverted mindset and Christianity is not the only religion known for having that attitude.

    But the fact is that God is not a God of confusion but authors for His Followers a sound mind.

    People who do not know Him cannot understand that.

    The Scriptures are nothing but nonsense to non-believers.

    God has sealed the Scriptures from the understanding of unbelievers.

    The Devil can quote Scripture like a Monk or a Priest but he doesn’t understand a word of it’s meaning.
    The unsaved world does the same.

    I disagree that the Christian Mind is a perverted mindset.

    1. Ex-Catholic, ex-born again Christian here. Having spent most of my life within Christianity I can make some pretty accurate statements about the religion, or better put, the inter-connected religions that pass themselves off an one religion. Fact: most Christians see other Christians as believers. It’s like a clique. However “perverted” the teaching, the “Holy Church Generic” has to allow for the perversions otherwise more religious intolerance and perhaps deadly violence which would be OK if you were sure you could win, but still would come across as bad propaganda in today’s volatile faith world. Now here’s the problem with Christianity: however each cult disagrees with other cults, it is inspired Scripture that there is but one God, and one Holy Spirit who inspires: guides and teaches all believers. Since there is only one source of inspiration, how can there be hundreds of “interpretation” of the will of God except for perversion of the original intent? Surely if the scriptures be true, and there is only one God, then all believers must, de-facto, believe the very same thing on all theological issues. There cannot be more than one group, organization, church, except through blatant egotistical perversion.

      Unless of course the whole premise is wrong, which it is. The bible is a bunch of writings cobbled from here and there, riddled with contradictions, re-written to suit the mood of the day, the politics of some powerful group, or individuals. Stories were made up as they went along and people steadfastly brainwashed into believing without seeing. Faith: how convenient.

      Fact witnessed by myself, and lived through: crooked political and business machinations are the order of the day in Christian institutions. Now this: how can it not be utterly corrupt for “the Church Generic” to own trillions of dollars worth of properties and corporate shares when surrounded by a sea of famine and other needs – based on the teachings of Jesus in the gospel: Sell you possessions, give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven? Obviously “the Church Generic” doesn’t believe in treasures in heaven. Maybe it knows something that the faithful haven’t realized yet: there is no heaven? There are no treasures? There is no “God” except as created in man’s image for purposes of control, abuse and illegitimate power?

      1. Christianity is to be lived by Faith and not by reason and any attempt to reason it out only perverts it and seals it from the eyes of those who would attempt to do so.

        Thus the saying, “I will confound the wisdome of the wise and bring to nothing the understandin gof the prudent.”

        Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.

        If you live by faith then none of the arguments against The Christian Faith are relevant.

        Most arguments against the Christian Faith are satanically inspired and are spread by the unsaved, the unregenerated, those who have failed the rebirth or those who have forgone baptism.

        A person is either for Christ and His Church or they are against Christ and His Church and there is no middle ground.

      2. Yes John, I’ve heard all those arguments. “For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe, no explanation is possible”. But it is never so black and white. I neither believe nor disbelieve, yet I am no agnostic. If someone were to challenge me with, “Do you believe that God exists?” I would reply, “Of course I do. Could some 5 billion people be so wrong? Never. They continually re-create God in their own image, thus God remains eternal, if eternally human.” Jesus did say, “a city on a hill cannot be hidden.” But my question remains, what does that city on the hill try to hide within its walls? The “world” isn’t as blind as Christianity hopes. The grave sins of the institutions and all its adherents do not remain hidden. Anyway, enough on that worn out topic for me.

      1. But what about the rest of the post…that was just a thought I had…the main thought was what the government and Facebook are doing….

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