The New Exterminatory Warfare

Since ISIS became a major thorn in the ass of civilization there has been all sorts of promises to completely destroy and eliminate ISIS from the face of the earth.

No matter how hard the world tries ISIS keeps on keeping on….even with the entire free world on a mission from”God”…..

During its final years in office, the Obama administration has devised a new form of warfare with major implications for how the U.S. government confronts its enemies. With the ability to quickly locate and eliminate potential adversaries with little to no risk to US forces, the Obama administration has begun to eradicate some of its main enemies in a new kind of exterminatory warfare.

So far, the Obama administration has applied its innovation to militant groups throughout the Middle East and the surrounding area. Its primary target has been the Islamic State (ISIS or IS), but it has expanded its campaign to include IS forces in Libya and al-Shabab in Somalia.

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And the beat goes on.


3 thoughts on “The New Exterminatory Warfare

  1. I still wonder what happened to limiting our engaging in war by making it illegal unless declared by Congress. I’m pretty sure that is how the Constitution views the matter. I guess our modern ‘leaders’ have redefined war as a hobby, rather than an activity requiring public approval.

    The only beat going on is the one played by money…

    gigoid, the dubious

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