Closing Thought–20Dec16

From time to time I make small adjustments to my blogging schedule…..sometimes because I am teaching a class or in the middle of some research….but this time it is the time of the year.

As we draw closer to the holidays the amount of visits seem to shrink a bit…..people have important stuff to do and blogs are just not that important at this time…..

I try to post 5 or 6 good articles for my readers  but at this time I will cut back to 3 or 4….that is unless something major comes up and needs attention.  Right now about all the news is about Trump’s attempt to put together a working government and most everything else falls by the wayside.

Since I think that most of his picks are horrible…let me say here before I get some irate Trump worshiper that I basically said the same thing about Obama’s attempt to put together a government…..Obama did what Trump is doing…..went to the elites to make the government work….

I am trying to spend a little less time at the keyboard so please do not get concerned if my replies are tardy and I will not visit my followers as often as before….but it is nothing serious just that time of the year….please bear with me.

I apologize to my readers if they are disappointed at the posts that I offer and I will gladly accept any suggestions or criticisms that anyone would care to make.


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