Bestiality Equals Higher Minimum Wage

The weekend begins and I was searching for something interesting for my readers….other than the mindless crap that the news produces daily…..something strange and unusual….something that would have my reader sitting there asking….WTF?

By George I think I found something…..and I ask any of my readers in Ohio that reads this and may have an inside track on this situation to clarify it for my other readers…..(I do attempt to be accurate)

Can you appreciate the games politicians play?  Their creativity is just amazing sometimes……

Most of my readers are aware of the movement to make $15 an hour the new minimum wage….of course most everyone in the GOP is having a stroke trying to find ways to avoid raising it…..

I believe that the good reps in Ohio have found a unique way to do so……

It is currently legal to have sex with an animal in nine states, but it seems Ohio may want off that list. The Guardian reports Ohio’s state legislature passed a bill this week that would outlaw bestiality and the selling of animals for sex. Gov. John Kasich has 10 days to sign or veto the bill. “The passage of animal sexual abuse legislation is a great victory for the animals of Ohio,” says a policy director at the Humane Society, which campaigned for the bill. The senators who sponsored the bill argued that sexually abusing animals can be a stepping stone to sexually abusing children.

But of course it’s not as simple as making it illegal to have sex with animals. WHIO reports the bill originally sought to stop local governments from regulating large-scale dog breeders, meaning animal-rights groups opposed it. Then Republican legislators added a section to the bill to stop cities like Cleveland and Cincinnati from raising the minimum wage, according to the New York Daily News. Now the bill was now also unpopular with workers’ rights groups. To make the controversial bill more palatable, Republican legislators then added the anti-bestiality legislation. And that’s how 40 legislators, mostly Democrats, ended up voting against making it illegal to screw animals while the state made it easier to keep screwing workers.

Ah!  The games our politicians play….how original of them.



19 thoughts on “Bestiality Equals Higher Minimum Wage

  1. Raising the mandated minimum wage will do nothing but cause employees who receive it to escalate their standard of living up to the level of their income and then at a later date they will demand more … $20 per hour, $25 per hour .. the process would be unending. Why not just start out at $100 an hour and be satisfied for a couple of months before somebody wants it to be raised to $115.00?

      1. Actually this was not intended to be an economic debate but rather the accuracy of the story…but it has been raised before without the country dying from economic disaster

      2. Ok….. this is a joke, right? You’re joking, or you’re mocking us who worked all of our lives for what would have been minimum wage had we not struck, and struck HARD to get our union so we could feed our families and even buy a house to keep them in. But billions in profit for corporate bosses and billions more in tax breaks for their businesses, or trillions to the military, that has no negative effect on the economy in your world, John? Our wages, which go to pay real taxes and end up as profit in various business coffers from our purchasing power, and from which new, real, jobs get created, that causes inflation, right? Who’s your favourite author, Ayn Rand?

      3. And so what has your union done for you except collect dues, pay their leaders exorbitant wages and tell their representatives to inform you “There’s nothing we can do” whenever you have a grievance?

        I would like to think that Giant Corporations make billions of dollars in profits because if they didn’t make those profits there would be no need for unions or for workers either for that matter.

        I have never heard of a poor person creating an industry big enough to provide a living wage for employees in any significant numbers.

        Unions — always wanting to do less work and to collect more money and benefits for their members until the industry where the union cancer has its tentacles embedded can no longer compete and are forced to make drastic reductions in work force or is forced to seek workable conditions in foreign markets.

        The day of the Union in America is long since past — Unions are expensive, bloated, corrupt dinosaurs … They are falling by the wayside … but apparently not quick enough.

        No, my favorite author is not Ann Rand — like it is worth talking about in this blog post.

        Insulting me is not going to solve the problem of American Workers and their lifestyles.

        American Workers have become pampered by Unions to the point where they expect to receive everything and where they have gotten into the “It’s not my job” syndrome to the point where the companies can’t afford them anymore.

  2. “Boggling” is a good word for it… The title alone is worth the price of admission. As to the slimy fucks in Ohio’s legislature, the less said, the better…

    As to the minimum wage, I’d suggest those who don’t support it to back up any claims or assertions with some research. As a start, i recommend this link, ( ) where most of the myths regarding its potential effects are discussed, and, well, busted… Googling “economic effects of $15 minimum wage will also reveal accurate summations of those cities, etc. where it is being tried… Parroting old, cliched arguments based on wrong information can only lead to unnecessary controversy, over what basically amounts to a common sense idea…

    Good post; it’ always good to expose the chicanery when we see it….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I am enjoying the responses….but my intention was the fact that these twats used an old scam to try and defeat the measure….still do not know how accurate the report is….still waiting for an Ohioan to show I guess….chuq

  3. I’m confused….So, in order to get a half-decent minimum wage, you have to sex with an animal?

    What total Donkey Show!

    1. I almost snorted my breakfast over the keyboard with that comment… I can just see the new line in the job application questions: When was the last time you had sex with your dog? (If you don’t own a dog, please indicate which animal you had sex with, and whether the animal is available for verification). Be totally candid; we need this information in order to determine the wage level you would be started at.

      1. Yeah, and the minimum wage employer thinks they have every right to demand the answer. They’ll put their espionage department on the case, if they have to.

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