The Lingering Curse of America’s Manifest Destiny

My regulars know that I am somewhat of a history wonk….that I enjoy dropping some knowledge on my regulars whenever I find something that I think they will appreciate

I found a new site thanx for a friend of IST, w1nt3l, from his Twitter account… is an excellent piece with historic perspective so I had to press it here on IST…..

When republican ideology backfires…

In high school, I skipped out on physics to study history and specialised as an art student for two years. I then did history courses for another two years, while obtaining my art degree in college.

Needless to say, I learned a lot about how the world used to work, and how it still works today. To do this, we covered the political dealings of countries over the millennia; and of all the countries we studied, America has to be one of the most interesting.

To be honest, this hasn’t always been for good reasons. More often than not, America and other World Powers are painted as villains in a never-ending, always-unfolding story of life, lies, and politics.

Source: The Lingering Curse of America’s Manifest Destiny – Alexis Chateau

BAM!  History!


9 thoughts on “The Lingering Curse of America’s Manifest Destiny

      1. Welcome! When you come across a post or tweet that just MAKES SENSE, it begs to be shared. I’m thankful that I now have people to share them with 🙂

  1. As somebody living in a nation that was quite literally a target of Manifest Destiny (Canuckistan), I’m really not looking forward to a rematch of The War of 1812. (Even though Canuckistan won.)

      1. Been thinking about that a lot lately thanks to a Norwegian TV Show I’ve been watching here (on Canuckistan TV)…Occupied You’d probably like it…assuming your Norwegian is up to snuff, or you don’t mind reading subtitles.

        Basic plot: In the near future, Norway’s new leader decides to stop producing oil & gas for environmental reasons. With the backing of the EU, The Russians land on their drilling rigs and take them over to keep things flowing. Thus ensues a desperate political struggle with a Superpower that they couldn’t possibly defeat in open combat.

        The Canada-US relationship is a lot like that. Well…except that, since NAFTA, our leaders couldn’t give less of a fuck about Canadian sovereignty….”Finlandization”, indeed.

  2. A “fun” romp through a bit of history. The world, I’m sure understands US manifest destiny better than most Americans, having experienced the “big stick” much more often than the “speak softly” when it comes to US foreign policy.

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