Is The End Near? (For ISIS That Is)

According to most reports the war on ISIS is going well…their controlled region is shrinking almost daily…..the MSM has only slightly touched on this because the circus around our new president seems to be more compelling…..but there are reports that need to be reported……


After two years of holding territory in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State’s ability to produce its own weapons has become so sophisticated that its production lines almost mirror those of national militaries, according to a new report by a weapons research group. – Washington Post’s Checkpoint

The Obama administration is publicly handing Donald Trump a gift as he prepares to enter the White House: a degraded ISIS. The question is what the President-elect will do with it. – CNN

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter expressed confidence Thursday that under the Trump administration the U.S. will remain central to the international coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. – Associated Press

But with an incoming admin which has promised to destroy ISIS what can we expect…..

14 Dec 2016 Isil Map 10-48-13

How do the chances of a total defeat of ISIS appear?

The US can back groups around the Middle East to physically defeat ISIS in individual cities, and given enough time might even militarily expel ISIS from all significant territory they hold. A new report from the US Institute of Peace, however, is warning that’s not going to defeat ISIS.

The report cites a panel of experts who are saying largely what locals in Iraq and Syria have been warning about throughout the ISIS war, that the group’s territory gains weren’t just happenstance, and that sectarian tension and economic woes that played a big part in setting the stage for ISIS’ rapid rise remain not just unsolved, but largely unchanged.

Predictably, since the Institute of Peace is a US government think-tank, their proposal is that the US government do more intervening in non-military ways, i.e. nation-building, with an eye toward a lasting defeat, which they concede will take many years at any rate.

It is still noteworthy that the think-tank’s report doesn’t envision victory in any meaningful time-frame. The report also noted that President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign proposal to “bomb the shit out of” ISIS was not only unlikely to help, but was likely to make things worse, cautioning that the larger the military intervention, the bigger the jihadist reaction would be.


I think that we will have an ISIS related group with us for a very long time….regardless what our new leader has to say on the subject.


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