Closing Thought–12Dec16

There have some questions asked of the possibility of a conflict of interests with Pres. Trump and his many business ventures….could it be that his interests could outweigh the good of the country?

Could there be a problem with our foreign policy?

This is an op-ed that I wrote for my dear friends at Ace News Room…they are in the UK and wanted me to give some American impressions of this last election…….this is one of my efforts….

There is lots of back and forth from the pundits about the forthcoming Trump government…..I admit that I am concerned about his new foreign policy team, whoever they will be…..I am concerned because of his rhetoric during the campaign….although I did hear a bit of policy that I could get behind…..

But my biggest concern at least right now is his business concerns that he is involved in…..if he does not choose the right path then I can see where there will be problems with ethics……

Source: A Conflict Of Interests?

After I wrote this piece I read a good article in the Politico…that ask the questions do the American people care about some conflict of interests?

Republicans see the same ethically challenged complications lurking in Donald Trump’s business portfolio that Democrats are squawking about. They just think Americans don’t care about these entanglements anymore.

Indeed, the GOP is so easily dismissing Democratic threats of investigations and ethicists’ calls for divestment out of a belief that the political landscape has shifted. Voters rewarded Trump in part on the idea that success in business will equal success in government, and Republicans are therefore unwilling to encourage the president-elect to put distance between the Oval Office and Trump Tower, or between himself and the children who serve him as trusted advisers.

Source: GOP wagers Americans don’t care about Trump’s conflicts – POLITICO

Alexander Hamilton was pretty clear on this subject……

Obviously, I think there could be a problem with the conflict of interests….I really do not care about how much money he will make…..just what effect it would have on national security…..but what about you, my readers, do you see any problems?

One last thought:  If Trump does not divest himself from his holdings…will his billionaires in the cabinet follow suit?  Will these people continue to make money hand over fist will running the country?

That my friends is the VERY definition of….”Conflict of Interests”!


18 thoughts on “Closing Thought–12Dec16

  1. Ethics? Did someone write “ethics” and “Trump” in the same article? Conflict of interest? Did someone else mention “conflict of interest” and “Trump” in the same article? Foreign policy is easy to figure out. Then, it was, “We came, we saw, he died.” Now: “I come, I see, I negotiate a deal for a new investment. America? America is my leverage, nothing more.”

  2. It may just be the Jameson’s talking, but, my advice for the next few years is, stay loose, stay alert, and keep your powder dry, ffolkes. Oh, and, It wouldn’t be a bad idea to lay in a stock of fresh water and food to last for some time. It might come in handy in the coming world….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. That advice could be called “How to Survive Trumpism.” The sequel: “Interviews with those who Survived Trumpism.” or “The Post Trumpism Years” a Dystopian novel…

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much about “Conflict of interest” or about possibly flawed foreign policy because if the McConnelites and the Civil Interrogation Associates get their way his Presidency will be stillborn and America will be in crisis. May they all be consigned to the deepest pits of purgatorial rectitude!

      1. Crap! Your last comment has disappeared….have NO idea where it went…maybe to breakfast…LOL

        You are right…Dems are completely clueless also….

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