“America First”

Sorry but it is time for another history lesson…..(moans and groans all around)……..

One of the slogans employed by PEOTUS Trump…the other was “Make America Great Again”…..as a history nut I kept thinking that “America First” had been used before…I looked back to Reagan….close but no cigar.  There were many candidates that used some form of the idea/term….so I kept looking and reading.

My regulars know that I will sneak a historic perspective in my posts whenever I can….some shudder, others smile and even others appreciate my diligence.

Then when I was watching the History Channel and its new shows about Pearl Harbor I heard the magic words….”America First”!

Guess what?  It was an antiwar group that wanted to keep the US out of another war……

The America First Committee (AFC) was organized in September 1940 to oppose America`s potential intervention in World War II. Hitler`s invasion of Poland had precipitated war in September 1939. A year later, the only major military force resisting the Nazis was Britain. The smaller nations had been quickly overrun, France had capitulated, and the Soviet Union was using its nonagression pact with Germany to pursue its own interests in Finland and elsewhere. At the time, a majority of Americans felt that while the world would be a better place if Britain prevailed over Germany, they were not inclined to declare war and repeat the earlier experience of American soldiers fighting on European soil.

This reluctance had inspired Congress to pass neutrality acts in the late 1930`s which restricted the American government`s ability to support either party in the conflict, which in practice meant the Allies since the Axis powers were widely regarded with distaste. Roosevelt, who had been corresponding with Churchill for years before Churchill was even part of the Tory government, clearly identified American interests with the hope for British victory. Using tactics like the “bases for destroyers” deal, he attempted to maximize his support for the British while skirting if not actually violating the principle of neutrality.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor the attempt to avoid another war was pretty much dead in the water (NO pun intended)……

Your history lesson is done…..now you know something you did not know yesterday….that is call education.


11 thoughts on ““America First”

  1. The concept of “America First” was reinforced far more by our victories in the war than could have ever been achieved if the pacifist peaceniks who opposed our entry into it had prevailed. If we had not entered the war we would all probably be speaking German now or bowing to the great shintuzitsa or something worse.

  2. America First was a movement supporting continued isolationism that took hold post-WWI. I doubt that the Germans would have been able to attack or invade the United States if they had managed to take Britain. The United States’ ability to mobilize and build so much for the war effort would have been used in defense of the homeland rather than offense towards the Axis. Without a time machine, we can never really know what would have happened. Now would be a good time to have a Sliders time jump remote 🙂

    A good multi-part episode on the sci-fi show “Enterprise” did a decent job of showing how a Nazi takeover of the United States would potentially look. Another sci-fi show “Misfits” on BBC did something similar where someones power to travel back in time was used to attempt an assassination of Hitler, failed, and accidentally left him modern tech that helped him win the war and take over Britain.

  3. The crazy thing was even after Pearl Harbor, Charles Lindbergh was stressing that it was even more important to keep out of the war. And so he hung himself with his own words, then many of his followers blinked, rubbed their eyes, and signed up in record time to grab and use a big stick of whoop-ass.

  4. … and then, lo and behold, the Pentagon discovered that wars on foreign soils were very lucrative and the death warrant of “America” as a symbol of democracy was signed, sealed and delivered.”

  5. Hmm… I found it interesting to note the timing of the attack on Pearl Harbor… It almost sounds exactly like the attack on the World Trade Center, on 9/11, which also convinced a neutral population to accept the war on terror, right when the junior shrub was about to be investigated for fixing the election in November of 2000…

    Seems like some violence at the right time is a handy motivational factor for those who refuse to think, or study history….

    I don’t mind the ‘lessons’ at all; they always tend to reinforce the evidence we continue to see today of how deeply society is controlled by the war mongers….

    gigoid, the dubious

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