The Next Cuban Revolution?

Fidel is dead….and the world is on pins and needles….what to do…what to do?

There has been wold speculation at what the world can expect……some are calling for more sanctions to force change…..others think another revolution would be the answer…..and even others are just drooling over the possibility of return to Cuba to continue the rape of the country that was terminated when Fidel cam to power…..

But what lies ahead for Cuba?

Fidel Castro’s death raises the stakes in the debate over the future of the Cuban state and economy.

Fidel Castro’s death over the weekend produced cries of lamentation in Havana and jubilation in Miami. He had been declining for years; long gone was the legendary stamina that carried him through four-hour public speeches, all-night bull sessions, and endless provocations. On the few occasions he was wheeled out for public appearances in recent years, he seemed crotchety and frail.

For example, last March, as millions of Cubans met U.S. President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Cuba with curiosity, Fidel took to the state newspaper, Granma, to complain. Rather than considering Obama’s overtures as a new opportunity, he replayed an ancient litany of Cuban grievances, from Spain’s practice of slavery and the Americans’ Bay of Pigs invasion to vague accusations of Obama being racist. “We do not need the empire to give us anything,” he concluded.

Source: The Next Cuban Revolution? | Foreign Affairs

The answer my friend lies blowing in the wind…..(Dylan be damn)…..I’m not looking for much rational thought coming out of Washington on this issue….but I could be wrong….



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