Who Will Lead The VA?

Nothing is more needed than supreme leadership for our millions of veterans…..the VA is tasked with making sure that our vets get the best service and care possible.

So far I have not been impressed with the choices our new prez has been making for his new government….I see very little change from the days of Obama…he has made dismal choices so far in my opinion…..

Word has leaked out on just who he may task to lead the VA…it is a person that cannot finish a job once it is started……a person with more mouth than clout.

Does Donald Trump have a big job lined up for loyal supporter Sarah Palin? The former Alaska governor is a candidate to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, a Palin aide and a Trump transition team official tell ABC, which notes that the VA is the largest government agency, with more than 300,000 employees. USA Today reports that Palin appears to be very keen: In a Facebook post Wednesday, she praised Trump as a “commander-in-chief who will champion our vets.” She also shared a video from her SarahPAC political action committee on her ideas to fix the agency’s problems, along with an endorsement from son-in-law Dakota Meyer, a Medal of Honor recipient who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Chicago Tribune reports.

A spokesman for Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan tells Alaska Dispatch News that the senator would like to see Palin head the VA. “Alaska has more veterans per capita than any other state, making this position critically important for our state,” he says. Palin would be the first non-veteran in the role, though her son Track Palin is an Iraq veteran. ABC notes that former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, who spent 35 years in the Army National Guard, is also being considered for the post and, unlike Palin, has visited Trump Tower for meetings. Rep. Jeff Miller and Gen. Keith Kellogg have also been connected to the role.

If this is truly Trump’s choice then it will make me sick.  A loud mouth without guts or principles…..to look after our veterans.

I believe that only someone that has actually served in the military can know just what are the needs of a veterans.  I thought is Sen Chuck Hagel he is a conservative and has actually fought in a war and served as a soldier.

Palin’s service to Alaska only lasted a half term before she cut and ran…..the VA needs people of conviction and courage….of which she has NEITHER!


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