The Electoral College Wasn’t Meant to Overturn Elections

I recently got an email from a friend that asked me to contribute to the debate about the Electoral College….I turned her down because I was not interested because for years I had been writing about the need for its elimination and as usual NO one was reading or listening….and then 2016 happened and there was a renewed interest in the elimination……

I decided to do a short series on the EC….trying to give both sides of the debate…….

Electors were intended to be faceless hacks whose independent exercise of judgment was neither wanted nor permitted.

Here is Question One on this year’s Constitutional Law exam.

The “electoral college” is

  1. a terrible idea that has gone wrong repeatedly and now bids fair to destroy the Republic.

  2. a wise creation of all-wise “Founding Fathers” who foresaw precisely this moment and set up the “college” to protect the People from themselves.

  3. Both of the above, even though that makes no sense at all.

  4. WTF? How did we get here?

At least from now until December 19, when the electors will meet in the state capitals to vote, we are likely to hear a good deal about answer 3 from Democrats and supporters of Hillary Clinton. (In the spirit of disclosure, I am both.)

Source: The Electoral College Wasn’t Meant to Overturn Elections – The Atlantic

In my opinion, the EC has outlived its usefulness as part of the process….now it only serves the two party system and the media….it is used to drive the conversation and determine which states will be important.

The popular vote is the only logical way to elect a president in the 21st century.

Even a supporter of the EC has changed his mind and says time for it to go!

The man who would have been the 43rd president if the Electoral College weren’t in place thinks it’s time to ditch it. Al Gore, who won the popular vote but lost the presidency to George W. Bush in 2000, tells NBC News that he’s changed his mind about how America picks its leader. “I think moving to a popular vote system is not without peril, is not without problems,” he says, per the Hill. “But I think the balance has shifted, in my mind at least, and I think that we should go to a popular vote.” Among other things, he says it would “stimulate public participation” like no other election reform, adding that it’s “pathetic how our system is not working today.”

Time for this dinosaur (the EC not Gore…but it is a thought) to be put in a museum where it belongs…


27 thoughts on “The Electoral College Wasn’t Meant to Overturn Elections

  1. I couldn’t agree with you, and Al Gore, more on this issue. The EC is from a bygone era during a time when the government didn’t trust the people they were governing. Is that still the case? Should we as Americans be offended that we’re still distrusted to select the President when popular vote works just fine for every single other elected office position in all level of government?

    The EC is offensive when considering its true purpose and why it was created in the first place. Two party system is a dinosaur, like the EC, and they both need to go so we can pave the path to the future.

    1. To be honest, I don’t really trust the American public either. First off, half are too stupid, lazy and/or disinterested to even vote for the most powerful elected office in the world once every 4 years. And the further down-ballot you go, the worse it gets. The truth is that, in every election, “I don’t give a fuck” actually wins the most votes. And half of the 50% that votes seriously needs their heads examined.

      And the political class returns the favour. When you know half The People don’t give a fuck and half of those that do will vote for you..even if you murder their mom…Why wouldn’t you stop caring about them and just worry about yourself?

      People are thinking about this issue because Trump won. Trump’s victory is not the fault of the Electoral College. It has far more to do with the complete collapse of society’s standards and the abject failure of every elite. Never mind a serious run for President. I consider it a sign of the Apocalypse that a guy like Trump could even get a TV show…never mind one in network primetime. Electoral College or not, the guy still won enough votes to be in a photo finish for President. Win or lose, it’s all over at that point.

      Both the elites and the public have clearly shown they are incapable and/or untrustworthy.

  2. Your comment thing is making me jump through hoops to fill in a form and provide a password. In the meantime, the EC is essential because the logistics of a “Populist Vote” would be overwhelming, the time needed to complete counts would be astronomical, the opportunity for fraud would be rife, (Paperless trails and electronic voting machines are not a good combination for a populist vote tally) and recount challenges would delay results for years.

    1. My comments? There should be nothing to stop you from commenting…if you are talking bout the op-ed I referenced then I cannot do much to help

      1. It would certainly be a problem for me. I would NEVER give out my real e-mail address just to post on a blog…or anything else for that matter. When asked for one, I give out a fake. It works for nearly all WordPress sites.

        Lately, however, I’ve been getting this damn “We want to force feed you cookies” pop-up. I’ve used an ad blocker to block it with some success, but I’m sure the cookie still is there…until I clear them. The NSA isn’t the only outfit that wants to track our every move.

      2. Oh, I got no shortage of problems…hehe. Thanks to my shitty Internet (dis)service, I have a problem just getting on the Interwebs about 25% of the time. The connection also drifts in & out like I’m watching a far-away TV station on bunny ears. Progress -eh?

        I can’t say I have a “problem” posting here. (Although, if I did have a real problem, I wouldn’t be able to let you know.) But I often have to reload, re-enter and/or “retrace my steps” before making a successful post. Never had that until about a year ago. In short, I generally have the feeling I’m a dime’s width away from never being able to post again. However, the same is true for most websites I post comments on. So, it’s probably nothing you’ve done.

        The only thing about your site that I rarely get elsewhere is that in the last 6+ months or so, I’m always getting that previously mentioned “cookies pop-up” which tends to set off my “paranoia”.

  3. I am of mixed opinion on this. Democracy is about majority rule…one property-owning-white-man, one vote. However, tyranny of the majority often leads down a horrible road….especially when an increasing percentage of the nation (if not outright majority) are complete fucktards with the attention spans of goldfish. I don’t really want the most powerful nation on Earth led by somebody who appeals to angry fucktards with zero attention spans. (Oops, too late!!!)

    So “mitigating factors” can be a good thing. The US system is all about checks & balances. Monopolies suck. Yet at the same time, I stand by the principle that -no matter how undeserving & disinterested they are- democracy is about the voters’ will. Yet at the same time, (as someone who is ALWAYS in the minority opinion), sometimes it’s good if the minority opinion has the rules “break their way” and gets a chance to shake things up. But it’s not good if it’s a regular thing. (See Gerrymandered US House of Reps. producing majorities not disconnected to overall voting behaviour)

    So, yeah. I’m of mixed opinion. But I’m certainly in favour of ending “1st Place takes all” when it comes to distributing a state’s Electoral College voters. That can really distort results and marginalize solid Red/Blue States…(aka about 40 out of 50). People in those kind of states might as well stay home.

    1. There is my problem those swing states carry all the weight…they are more important than all others….one vote means they are all equal when electing people…

      1. But that’s the reality of American politics (& many jurisdictions) these days. It’s so localized, so ghetto-ized, you can predict how a person will vote just by their postal code. That probably wouldn’t change. It just wouldn’t be so obvious on a map as it is now.

        Living in a place where the local outcome is so predictable (Been there!) is like watching a 20 year old football championship game and emotionally investing in the game’s outcome…at the same time this year’s championship is being played, but airing live in only in a handful of cities.

        Then again, removing boundaries would probably favour the biggest places at the expense of the little places. They’re so easy to ignore already. But thanks to the “checks & balances” of a 2 House Congress, there would be more localized voices. As I said, “mixed opinion”.

        But even just handing out Electoral College votes according to a mild approximation of a candidate’s share of the vote in a state (similar to many Primaries) would be a -er- HUUUUUGE improvement! It would retain local character, but still allow every vote to count for something.

      2. The media needs the swing state crap so that they can determine what is important and who….time for that to go the way of the do-do…

      3. And the real joke is that, this year, everyone was trying real hard to pretend it wasn’t all about 4-5 swing states. Some outlets said “13 swing states”…including…Georgia! HAHAHAHAHA! The one upside of all this was to watch the “experts” eat a shit sandwich.

        As I predicted, only Florida & the Rust Belt mattered at all…and that fact gave Trump a decent chance…but only against Hillary. Most Democrats didn’t agree & paid the price. Morons.

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