Trump’s News Network Or Reality Show?

A bit cooler weather and a joy to sit in the porch and watch the world go by…….weekends are my “down” time….time to enjoy my family and time to do something other than research……I smell coffee!

It is a Saturday morning and I am enjoying a cup of fine Colombian coffee……while I decide the direction of my day….let’s take a look, a tongue in cheek look, at the possibility of a Trump TV Network…..

I wrote a post awhile back about this possibility and……well Hell read it for yourself and save me the typing……

Source: “Trump News Network” – In Saner Thought

That done I saw an extension of this idea… the magazine GQ…..I do not read this rag because it is pretty much dedicated to the ego of men and their lifestyle choices….but the article I reference was pretty humorous…..

Try not to think of Election Day as the end of Donald Trump’s presidential fantasies. That’s so sad! Instead, think of it as the beginning of Trump TV! It’s gonna be the BEST (worst) network. Millions (hundreds) will watch it. Every cable provider (one in Montana) will carry it. Prepare your eyeballs for luxury with a sneak peek at what we assume will be the launch lineup for Trump TV.

Source: Inside Trump TV, Donald Trump’s Network | GQ

If this were to become reality (pun not intended) then it could give new life to some of the wackos that are not so popular these days… Sarah Palin, the pedophile Ted Nugent, other such “stars”……and Glen Beck will pout.

Trump is always looking for ways to keep his mug i front of the American people and I cannot think of a better way to do so than a TV network……if so hp[efully he will be better at it than Palin who sucks on air.

Watch this spot for further developments……

Enough already…..go now enjoy the weekend and the cooler temps, my friends……


15 thoughts on “Trump’s News Network Or Reality Show?

  1. I’m sure the other networks are all shaking in their proverbial boots over such an idea; it might give people the idea their own networks aren’t quite what they advertise themselves to be…Ah, well, none of them have any clue as to what reality actually is any more; they’ve been out of touch with it too long…

    I’m off today, as my post indicates, and may not be back again for a day or two… Gonna go do a hopefully major, final battle with my own attitude. There may end up being no winners, but, one way or another, things will change for the better. I’m not settling this time.

    Any who, good post; a bit of snarky humor always makes the morning brighter….

    See ya


      1. As a former inmate I question anyone who would protect a rapist.credibilty on anything. The fact child molester and other violent sex criminals are usually psychopaths and as such you need to put the fear in em or they will eventually come after you.

  2. Well, he’s got his name on everything else…ugh. You know, seriously, what’s with this guy and his obsession to see his name on everything he owns? No wonder everything he says starts with “I.” Honestly, how many social problems were successfully solved by people who thought “I” first? Sheesh…this is a bad dream.

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