“Making America Great Again”

Ah!  Nothing like one of those campaign slogans that gets everyone’s juices flowing and gives one a slight orgasmic tingle, right?

Every election there is one that sticks out as the number one slogan of the season…..this one is right up there….the problem is that it is not that original at all….

The original was more along the lines of “American First” and it was one associated with Woodrow Wilson back in the early years of the 20th century…..and since I am known for my historical perspectives I thought I would share this bit of history with my readers….and thanx to the American Conservative did the work for me…..and I thank them…….

long ago passed into and perhaps beyond the Elvis Costello “I used to be disgusted and now I try to be amused” attitude toward politics, but I suppose I’ll be in love with political Americana till the day I die.

My office is festooned with posters and pinbacks, including those bearing my two favorite slogans in American political history: “Come Home, America,” the plaintive motto of the patriotic prairie liberal George McGovern in 1972, and “America First,” which rings an oval photograph of that doughty foe of U.S. intervention in the world war … Woodrow Wilson. 

WTF? as the young ’uns say.

Source: The Meaning of ‘America First’ | The American Conservative

There is little that is new in this election……how sad is that?

Warning:  I will be taking on the old “American Exceptionalism” next….stay tuned for the fun….chuq


11 thoughts on ““Making America Great Again”

  1. While applauding the article as at least a well-reasoned discussion, I have to again reiterate, the problems we face, politically, economically, etc. are not caused by anything other than human nature in action, and are not susceptible to being resolved by still MORE political, economic, or other manipulation. Until human nature makes changes, the panorama of human existence will continue in a chaotic, unplanned and random manner, and human culture will remain insane….

    IF America was ever great, it was because many of the people acted in humanist ways, with common purpose, by common agreement.. Unfortunately, the greater portion have acted, and continue to act as if they have no brain at all, thus making themselves easy prey for the narcissistic sociopaths who need power over others, due to their own fears of inadequacy….

    You can’t make anything better by attacking the wrong part of the problem; the problem is in human nature, and only changes to that will have any lasting effect.

    gigoid, the dubious

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