A New Social Contract Is In Order

A recent op-ed for Ace News Room……

In the last couple of years the rise of Far Right politicians and on-line entities have not overlooked the Middle East…… The rise of hardcore Right wing pursuits has made the world an i…

Source: A New Social Contract Is In Order

In the age of nationalistic feelings all over the globe which way will the Middle East go after the troubles are solved?  Will the Middle East return to the days of the hard line leaders like Nasser, Saddam, Assad or Qaddafi?


10 thoughts on “A New Social Contract Is In Order

  1. Sadly, the entire question of social contracts is irrelevant in today’s world. Any contract, in order to be, at all, must be agreed upon by all concerned parties. There has to be an agreed upon set of conditions that apply, before anything at all can, or will be done.

    Now, look at today’s world…. Where, anywhere you see, is there a set of conditions that all parties agree to? Right. It doesn’t exist, nor will it, unless each and every human being alive looks inside themselves, and makes a decision to join with the rest of creation, not just humanity, to connect to Life, and accept the rules that already are in place, which we tend to ignore, or deny apply to us. Only then will we be able to garner enough SELF knowledge to be able to handle this universe with any elegance, or with any success. As we approach it now, we are merely taking a short road to killing ourselves, and a lot of other forms of life with us.

    A social contract would be nice; too bad none exists yet…. But, then, most of humanity has not yet learned to think beyond the limits of their own small perceptions…

    gigoid, the dubious

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