Wasted Time And Neglected Issues

As I say all the time…this election should be more about foreign policy and our constant wars than most other issues…..and I was also hoping that someone would make it a priority of the debates since the candidates do not like talking about it…..I was needlessly to say disappointed.

The last debate would have been a perfect time and place for this conversation and instead we got these lame ass slogans and one liners…..

Even the American Conservative see the lack of concern on this important issue…..

As I feared, the final presidential debate paid almost no attention to foreign policy except as it related to Iraq and Syria. I’ll comment on the candidates’ answers in a later post, but first I wanted to say a few things about the almost total neglect of foreign policy in the general election to date. Foreign policy is without a doubt one of the principal responsibilities of the president, and it is an area where the president has the greatest leeway with the least resistance from the other branches of government. Congress’ abdication of responsibility in this area is well-known. That suggests that the presidential candidates’ views on foreign policy should be among the most important things to know about them, and it means that voters need to be informed about the candidates’ understanding of the relevant issues and how to address them. For the most part, that isn’t happening, and it’s a serious problem that ought to concern us all.

Perhaps more than in any election cycle since 2000, foreign policy has received remarkably little attention in the general election (and it didn’t receive much more during the primaries), and many pressing issues have been ignored entirely throughout the campaign. The war in Afghanistan and the war on Yemen are among the most obvious and damning omissions in my view, but one could find quite a few other other important things that the candidates have never been asked about. We have almost no idea how either candidate would approach approximately nine-tenths of the rest of the world, and the election is in less than three weeks. That is pathetic even by our usual poor political standards.

Source: The Third Presidential Debate’s Neglect of Foreign Policy | The American Conservative

Neither candidate gives me much confidence….regardless that one has “diplomatic” experience….and yet she does not want to push her foreign policy bona fides…..why?

Only two weeks left to make your decision……..If you vote out of some misplaced loyalty or because of some rhetoric that means NOTHING….then you deserve the shittiest government possible.

Please do not vote foolishly.

Peace out…….


16 thoughts on “Wasted Time And Neglected Issues

    1. I talk about it to hopeful help people see there are other choices and such…..but you are right they have NOTHING to offer in the field…..even with all that so-called “experience”….

  1. I have not heard the candidates talking much about their normal “Push Button” issues either: Issues such as morals, family values, abortion and jobs, jobs, jobs. I guess the influence of the evangelical right isn’t as strong as it once was and they have fallen from favor among the candidates. Regardless of what kind of “Shitty” government we end up with, it can’t be much shittier than the 8 years we have just endured and the 8 before that and remember …. no matter how shitty the government becomes we will all be living under it and subject to it. All of us! No exceptions!

  2. In my head, I was composing a rather extensive comment, when I came to the last line, bursting instantly into hysterical laughter at my immediate thought, to wit: “That’s gonna happen no matter which one they pick.” Personally, I’m having a hard time envisioning life in this land under either one of them; neither will make anything better for much of anybody.

    I say, ‘they’ because I’m passing on this one; nobody worth voting for, and voting against won’t help either way….

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. The US elections have almost always been about what’s happening here – so even though my degrees are in international political economy from American University’s School for International Service and Univervsity of Cincinnati – never expected anything other than people voting their local pocketbooks, civil rights, crime , schools… etc. The majority is not wrong because no one has ever made a good enough case that what happens 10 hours away makes any difference in their local day.

    1. Thanx for the comment……I agree but because the media will not make it part of the campaign….dog whistle issues….plus there is no shared experience….chuq

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