What The Military Thinks Of The Candidates

The convention circus has begun………

I know some think that I go on a bit at the lack of substance and quality of the two candidates that we have to choose from in this election…..but guess what?  I am not alone!

American military personnel favor Donald Trump for president over Hillary Clinton by more than a 2-to-1 margin in an exclusive survey conducted by Military Times ahead of the Republican and Democratic national conventions, but a strong majority of respondents say they are wholly unimpressed with both candidates.

More than 61 percent indicated they are “dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” with Trump as the Republican nominee, including 28 percent of those who intend to vote for him. More than 82 percent said the same about Clinton, the Democratic nominee, with 30 percent of those pledging to vote for her voicing displeasure with the choice.

Source: By and large, the military thinks Trump and Clinton are total losers

I am so excited to witness this election (sarcasm)…..I cannot wait to see just how f*cked up this country can become……the sad part is with these two a/holes the military will have to do the heavy lifting while everyone else sits on their asses criticizing some one some where…

6 thoughts on “What The Military Thinks Of The Candidates

  1. If Trump wins you will see an entirely different person than the one who has had to be showy and bombastic and controversial to get the Public’s attention. Remember that when he started his campaign everybody thought he was just fooling around. Remember how nobody thought that Obama could ever be elected and remember how nobody thought George W. Bush would get a second term. Even the foreign countries were shocked when he did get his second term and they were pretty loud about it too. Through it all America has managed to survive and I am living as well now as I ever have and perhaps ever a little better and I think Trump is the right man for the job at this time in History and I am not alone … but The Hillary Coronation will be the real disaster if it happens … and I think it might because I believe God wishes to teach America a lesson in humility that can come only through want, need, depression, fear, hunger, poverty, etc., and I think the chick in the pants suit is more than amply suited, equipped and willing to make that happen. Mark my words .. keep my words somewhere where you can dig them out a few months down the road and see whether or not I am talking through my a** or if what I am saying comes true.

  2. *grin*

    First grin from this part of the title, a true oxymoron, “What the military thinks…”…. Big grin,, too.

    Second, if their numbers are similar to the general run of the population, remind me again just what the point is to holding an election at all…?

    Say… If only a few diehards voted, at all, say, a couple million for each one, and the rest of us just said, no thanks, there’s nobody worth voting for…. what could they do?

    Then, stop paying taxes, too. Really, what could they do? If we stop, they can’t pay for all them bullets, or, soldiers…

    Elect ’em anyway? Tough choice for me.

    Might be worth seeing what would happen.

    gigoid, the dubious, being fanciful, but, hey… think about it. Not as dumb as either of the two biggest candidates.

  3. It really would behoove the citizens of th United States to be up on their Political choices. There is a far better choice: Dr. Jill Stein
    II is interesting to me, as a Canadian, that I would know more about the legitimate choices for the next President of the United States than does the average American. WOW!

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