Those “Security Contractors”!

I have written about the mercenaries….sorry I mean security contractors……they hate being labelled as mercenaries…they say they do not fight for  money….then I ask why did you leave the service if not for more money?

Anyway these “contractors” have just inked a new contract….

The first batch of mercenaries from the private US military firm DynCorp has arrived in the Yemeni city of Aden to replace paid militants from another American company.

Under a USD-3-billion contract between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and DynCorp, mercenaries from the company are to be deployed to Yemen, where UAE forces are fighting against the Houthi rebels on Saudi orders, Khabar News Agency quoted an official with Yemeni Defense Ministry as saying.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the first group of the mercenaries recently arrived in the port city of Aden to replace those of Blackwater, a notorious American group now renamed Academi.

He added that the new militants included special naval forces, who entered the port of Ras Omran southwest of Aden.

DynCorp is a rival of Blackwater, which hires mercenaries and sends them to fight in foreign countries on paid missions.

Blackwater had decided to withdraw from Bab-el-Mandeb region after the Yemeni forces inflicted heavy losses on them. The UAE was forced to bring in the new mercenaries from DynCorp for the same reason.

Yemen has been under military attacks by Saudi Arabia since late March last year. At least 8,400 people have been killed so far in the aggression and 16,015 others sustained injuries. The strikes have also taken a heavy toll on the impoverished country’s facilities and infrastructure, destroying many hospitals, schools, and factories.

(Press TV)

Deployed to fight for the UAE in Yemen…..that means they will be fighting for a foreign government, right?

I feel about this as I feel about people with dual citizenship…..

In 1936-7 my grandfather fought in the Spanish Civil War and upon his return he was arrested for fighting for a foreign government…..what is the difference here?

Apparently if you call yourself a “security contractor” you may break the laws of this country… that about it?

Just like the fools that also have Israeli citizenship and fight in the IDF….that should be illegal…if they cannot fight for their country then they should be jailed….or if a foreign government pays you to be their army then you should be arrested….or maybe admit you are a f*cking mercenary and are in it for the big bucks you get for fighting for a foreign government….

I have NO use for these people….I think even less of them than of the so-called militias that pretend they are fighting for my rights…..

At least my grandfather fought for a principle and not for money…that makes him a better man than these toads.


8 thoughts on “Those “Security Contractors”!

  1. While I have to agree with your sentiments as to the moral degradation of mercenaries (I call things what they are; if they don’t like it, tough shit. They’re welcome to object to me personally, any time…), I would point out, it does keep them off in other places, where they aren’t joining the local police forces so they can bully the public, and shoot poor people whenever they lose their sense of proportion, which didn’t exist in the first place. Alternately, they won’t be here, joining ‘patriotic militias’ that rate four stars on the crazy scale, plotting incidents of domestic terrorism against whomever they have a hard-on against….

    Just trying to be an optimist; at least, over there, THEY are the ones getting shot at by all the bullets American arms dealers sold the other side….While I’ve never had a need to use or carry a gun, like Quigley, that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to use them, and i know that, if you carry a gun, sometime, usually sooner than later, someone will shoot AT you…. So, at least they’re targets, instead of looking for targets in their own home counties….

    Hmph. And that’s for the assholes, who are, because they are working for an ally, (the worst violators of human rights of any world government. period.), being paid with blood money stolen from the people of Saudi Arabia, free to act in any manner they choose, without fear of retribution, or consequence… I’m glad their odds of living through it are limited, if only by their own competence.

    My dad also fought for a principle, though he never said much about it. I guess almost four years in the Pacific Theater in WWII gave him the habit of being quiet….. But, I know exactly what he’d be saying these days about what our government does on a regular basis. I have a feeling he’d use a few words I never heard him say, even once, in the time I knew him.

    I’m with you, bro… but, comparing them to toads, while saving your karma, damages the reputations of the toads. I’d relate them more to pond scum, but, just call them assholes, which, while unoriginal, is nonetheless satisfyingly odorously odious….


    gigoid, the dubious, three sheets to the wind


    1. They would not join a PD…not enough cash…I have heard where some of these make in the neighborhood of $1200 a day….is that the wind beneath your wings? LOL chuq

  2. Academi??? That’s Blackwater’s new name? Wow, even the name is insulting.

    As repulsive as they are/were, at least traditional mercenaries earned their blood money putting their individual butts on the line killing for profit as “independent contractors”. Today, corporations are getting filthy rich from the safety of their office towers as they spread violence around the globe. Even worse, they’re enriching shareholders in the process who only care about stock prices…To me, that’s even more disgusting than the amoral, violent, idiots doing this kind of work.

    How the fuck can such things be allowed to exist in a civilized society? (Answer: America isn’t one.)

      1. And, as I said above, the corporatization of it makes it all the more despicable. The idea that people are getting rich buying & selling stocks of these companies….treating them no different than Coke, GM or LuluLemon is repulsive.

        But to modern capitalism, every dollar of profit is created equal, even ones built upon the corpses of children.

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