In Defense Of The ‘Hog

I am an unapologetic supporter of the A-10 Warthog over the new piece of crap that is suppose to replace it on the battlefield, the F-35.

Does anyone know what a “Thud” is?  Probably not… is the nickname we grunts gave the F-105, a fighter-Bomber, in Vietnam….the plane was slow, maneuverable, and the sound it made when it hit the ground “THUD”….hence the nickname….I bring up this piece of memorability because the F-35 is the new THUD… has not really passed any of its trials and is in constant need of upgrades…..worthless as a close support plane….it has been named the plane to replace the Warthog…..a goddamn silly decision.  Ask any grunt that has been saved by the A-10 what he/she has to say about replacing the successful ‘Hog…….

Finally someone, in authority, has stepped forward in the defense of the ‘Hog……

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has made it official: ISIS has saved one of its deadliest enemies, the U.S. Air Force’s A-10 Thunderbolt.

The inelegant but well-armed and well-armored ground-attack jet, nicknamed the “Warthog,” was facing quick retirement after the Air Force said it needed the money and crews being used to keep the A-10s flying for the brand-new F-35s and other missions.

Then came Operation Inherent Resolve, the U.S.-led coalition’s campaign against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Source: Defense chief: A-10s needed to bomb ISIS –

The biggest obstacle to keeping the A-10 flying is that it is becoming out-dated…..a lame damn excuse…..the military has kept the B-52 flying beyond its intended time by  a program of up-dates….the ‘Hog could be done the same……and for a lot less than the massive costs of a flying brick, the F-35….

I do not think much of anything Ash Carter has said from the Pentagon….but at least someone there sees the need for an excellent close support plane….

The A-10 continues to impress and perform… why replace a success with a piece of expensive crap?

6 thoughts on “In Defense Of The ‘Hog

  1. It’s my understanding too that the pentagon doesn’t want the newer F-35 but corporate freindly congressman who are in the pockets of Lockheed – who is the creator of this worthless pile of crap – are forcing it down the Pentagon and taxpayers throat.

  2. Boys, boys…. follow the money. You answered your own question in the last line, when you mentioned the new plane’s cost… and, there’s your reason… The corporate influences will make more money from the new planes; it’s as simple as that. Casualties don’t matter, nor does efficiency. Only the bottom line matters…

    gigoid, the dubious

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