Laws….We Have Laws

A new year… laws……

We all bitch about the amount of laws that are passed every year…..laws that we are obligated to obey as part of our contract with the state……a social contract if you will……but 2014 will be an incredible year especially with the new laws that we must…….

Let me list a few that should be interesting to watch…….

Most of the 40,000 new state, federal, and local laws that took effect at midnight on 1 January,  are pretty dull but there are some doozies in there—including the legalization of recreational pot in Colorado, where over-21s will be able to walk into stores and buy weed for recreational toking. Other highlights, as per the Atlantic and Time:

  • Light bulbs. Production of 40 and 60-watt incandescent bulbs is officially over as of today, marking another step in the switch to more efficient bulbs that began with the phasing out of 100 and 75-watt bulbs.  (not much mentioned about the mercury content)……..
  • Drones. Illinois has moved to head off the use of unmanned aircraft in the state, restricting when law enforcement can use them to gather data and making it illegal for animal rights groups to use them to interfere with hunters or fishermen.
  • Voter registration. They’re still to young to smoke the state’s legal pot, but Colorado 16-year-olds will now be able to pre-register to vote when they get their drivers licenses—a law that actually makes it easier to vote, bucking the trend seen in numerous other states.
  • Shark fin. Delaware may not be a vital link in the shark fin trade, but the state has made it illegal to sell or distribute them there, a move aimed at protecting endangered shark species and ending the inhumane practice of finning.
  • Gun control. Measure introduced in Connecticut after the Sandy Hook school shooting will now take effect, including registration of assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines. California has also tightened gun controls with new measures including a 5-year ban on firearms possession for anyone who makes serious threats of violence to psychotherapists.
  • Placentas. New mothers in Oregon are now allowed to bring their placentas home with them—for ritual burial or for food, depending on their culture.

Just a few…..and the more interesting of the lot……there are more…..lots more……but space does not permit me to elaborate……and besides….I just don’t wanna to go on……


4 thoughts on “Laws….We Have Laws

  1. Indeed, some of these laws are plain silly. I won’t argue the merit of gun-control laws generally, but some of those passed in Connecticut are just plain stupid. And I know this because a friend of mine is very active in Connecticut political scene and explained a few of these laws to me. For example. it’s a felony to walk around with more than 10 bullets in the magazine. So, if you have 11 in the magazine, that’s a punishable offense. However, if you cock the gun, thereby putting one in the chamber, you’re considered legal. SIlly.

    1. Most of the laws are silly…it is easier than doing something substantial….gun control is just a dog whistle…it will not happen in my lifetime….

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