Government Listens

Government Listens to Citizens


9 thoughts on “Government Listens

  1. Seems the government down here in Brazil has listened. President Dilma (who i consider a useless pile of shit) has promised a Constitutional Referendum… a total rewriting of the less-than-perfect constitution penned after the fall of the military dictatorship.

    What actually unfolds will be interesting….

      1. Will do. They threw their first sacrificial lamb under the bus last night… some lowly federal congressman tossed out as a some sort of distraction. The whole lot of them deserve to be behind bars, not least of all the former President, Lula, and all the Justices on the Supreme Court. The system really is that rotten down here.

      2. Sounds like what happens in the US military……officers do the deed and some NCO is made an example of for the PR…that sucks!

      3. Oh, he was corrupt… was pilfering from some Ambulance fund, but he’s a tiny fish compared to the professional thieves in the senate.

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