What The Hell Does Pro-Family Mean?

What made me think about this subject was a good old boy that is running locally for a state representative spot…….he states that he is pro-2nd amendment (something I would expect a tobacco spitting moron to say) and that he is pro-education (a humorous pile of fecal matter) and finally that he is pro-family…….pro-family?  what does that mean?

I hear this term batted around almost endlessly  mostly by conserv candidates…..and I ask again…what are the values that mean you are pro-family?

A poll taken by Harris in 1998 revealed a bit…….

  • 52% of women and 42% of men thought family values means “loving, taking care of, and supporting each other”
  • 38% of women and 35% of men thought family values means “knowing right from wrong and having good values”
  • 2% of women and 1% men thought of family values in terms of the “traditional family”

The survey also noted that 93% of all women thought that society should value all types of families (Harris did not publish the responses for men)

Apparently it has something to do with the old bumper sticker of “Family Values”….but then….just what does that mean….in conserv context it means the following……

  • Promotion of traditional marriage and opposition to sex outside of marriage
  • Support for a traditional role for women in the family.
  • Opposition to same-sex marriage
  • Opposition to legalized induced abortion
  • Support for abstinence education
    Support for policies that are said to protect children from obscenity and exploitation

In other words draconian beliefs…..beliefs from the 16th century…….very little of those have anything to do with raising a family….just red meat for morons!

It is subjective, open to interpretation….but the above definitions have nothing to do with the steering of the ship of state…they are solely emotional ramblings.

But what are family values really?

To me these values are……respect, honesty, belonging, forgiveness, and most important, communication…….these are the values that make a strong family…..the other stiff is just dog whistles for morons!

I have found in the past that candidates that use such terms as pro-2nd amendment, pro-education and especially pro-family have NO solutions for real problems so throw these dog whistles around to sound informed…….they are worthless and deserve NO support….not even for dog catcher.


2 thoughts on “What The Hell Does Pro-Family Mean?

  1. Amen…”Pro Family” is just a by-word for: We are oh so much more righteous than you liberals, who of course, hate your parents, hate your siblings, never get married and wish you were born in a test-tube.

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