Could Not Happen In Days Gone By

We all are well aware of the knee jerk reactions of those ditterheads on the Right……remember back in the good old days when the Tea Party was having all their protests around the country?  All the “Don’t Tread on Me” rhetoric and flags……(is there a reason that flag has a YELLOW background?) We got a front row seat thanx to the MSM……and we got to see the gun nuts show up with their loaded handguns and assault weapons…….and they were allowed to demonstrate their particular grievance……all the while carrying a loaded weapon…..

All this got me to thinking back in the days when I was a strong radical and protester……I got to thinking what would have happened if anyone of us had showed up with loaded weapons while protesting the war?  Would we have been met as some sort of hero?  Very doubtful!  And yet these same people are protesting the government and threatening to carry out some sort of armed resistance….Is that not what you were worried that us “pinkos” were trying to do?


Why would I bring this up today?

(Newser) – There’s a pretty disturbing result in a new Fairleigh Dickinson University poll on gun violence out today: 44% of Republicans say they believe that “in the next few years an armed revolution might be necessary to protect our liberties.” To be fair, Republicans aren’t alone—27% of independents and 18% of Democrats agreed with the statement as well—but the GOP was the only group in which more agreed with the sentiment than didn’t.

The poll raises some “disturbing” questions, writes David Sirota at Salon. Like, how many Republicans “are buying weapons to arm themselves in order to foment an armed revolution? Maybe none, but maybe a lot. I don’t have an answer, but this poll suggests the question should at least be aired.” Second, can democracy even exist “when almost one-half of one of the major parties seems to support the concept of violently thwarting it?” You could argue that these people are only hypothetically supporting a revolution “to protect liberties.” But then, in the “incendiary language” the conservative media uses, “everything in the Democratic/liberal agenda is an assault on ‘liberty.'” Click for the full column.

And now there is a plan for thousands of gun “people” to show up on the Mall in DC on the 4th of July with loaded guns as a protest against the government…..

When is enough enough?

sorry I could resist this image…..

What would these douche bags have said if a Leftist had showed up with a gun?…..would they have accepted the 2nd amendment argument?

These people are making me sick.  They are the sole protectors of so-called “liberty”….a term that few understand or embrace…….it is a con job, one that has been used numerous times in history to do what is unpopular……a dangerous game is being played by the NRA and others and in the end innocents will pay the price……


2 thoughts on “Could Not Happen In Days Gone By

  1. If only such people could convince the rational mind that they actually have a thought out plan to put in place if they were to “overthrow the government”. Trying to reinstate something that might have worked over 200 years ago is not a solution for a world that is vastly different from the white male dominated aristocracy in the 18th century. Especially with census date showing that white will become a minority in this country during the next generation

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