All Hail The Chuck!

Surely we all know that Chuck Hagel has been nominated to take over for the retiring Pinetta at the Defense Department…..of God he is a Republican!  But that did not save him from the mindless jibber jabber of McCain and Graham…..yes, Hagel looked a bit out of sorts….but I think it was more that he was afraid on a sound bite used against him or the prez if he said the wrong thing…….my amazement was that very little was asked about the direction of defense policies….instead we had to re-hash the Iraq War, the surge and some comment made 10 years or more ago…….

Tow of my favs were McCain, who I use to admire for all he has had to overcome, looked like a pouting twat (I regret using the term, but if the shoe fits…..)….he was pissed because Hagel took exception to his (McCain’s) support of the surge in Iraq…….we can debate that but in a hearing to pick a secretary of defense, to re-hash the past and ignore the future is pathetic…..and I mean that in EVERY sense of the word….PATHETIC!

And then it was Linsey (not Lohan) Graham’s turn to look like a pouting twat………he demanded to know just who was intimidated by the Jewish lobby….of course Hagel tried to walk back his comment and said that he apologized for it…..but as usual for a GOP twat, he (Graham) would not let it go……and demanded again to name one Congress person that was so intimidated by the lobby….I thought Hagel handle it badly…..with that said….I would have said….”anyone that takes money from the lobby” and then I would have asked…..”Do you Senator?”  Now you see why  will never be in the government as a bureaucratic……I despise people that look for a sound bite….do not care what your qualifications are….you are a twat!

This post is to defend Chuck Hagel…….why you ask…he is a Repub and I am a progressive……the reason is simple……

We both served in the US Army as non-coms……we both served in Vietnam in the 60’s…….and we both served with the 9th Infantry Division…..his political affiliation has nothing to do with it……we were comrades in the same division, the same years and the same location……..anyone that made it out of that meat grinder alive is a Helluva guy….and that Hell gives him a unique grasp on the use of military force and why.  A perspective that cannot be seen from 30,000 feet.

Anyone that has NO idea….needs to be their mouths zipped and smile……for you have nothing to add to the conversation!


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