Bottom Feeders!

I am always looking for weird stuff for my wek end posts, when I try to put politics and such behind me for a couple of relaxful days……Remember that famous line from Shakespeare, “First thing we do is kill all the lawyers”……I think that the HufPo has found that lawyer……

Thomas P. Lowe, a divorce lawyer in Eagan, Minn., has been barred from practicing law for the next 15 months. Lowe recently admitted to having sex with a client — and then billing her for his time.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports Lowe and the woman had known each other since 1985, but that affair took off in August 2011, when she approached him to represent her in a divorce. Several days after agreeing to represent her, Lowe reportedly asked if she would be interested in having sex (which is clearly against the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers).

After their sexual encounters, Lowe would bill the client for his time, coding them as “meetings or drafting memos,” reports the United Press International.

The affair continued until March 2012, then met an abrupt end when Lowe’s wife learned of her husband’s infidelity. According to the Star Tribune of Minnesota, Lowe ended the tryst, withdrew as the woman’s attorney and sent her a bill. His former client then attempted suicide.

When pressed, she disclosed the affair to hospital workers.

You gotta love the cajones of this guy…….but it does little to improve the perception of divorce lawyers……..

I thought my exe’s lawyer was 7 feet tall until I realized he was standing on my wallet……(insert rim shot here)


11 thoughts on “Bottom Feeders!

      1. Thankfully i’ve never touched that horrible pool, but i’ve heard truly awful stories of those who’ve gone through it. It’s a deserved detesting.

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