The Obama Sequel

 Obama Sequel


6 thoughts on “The Obama Sequel

      1. I agree that the GOP is finished, and I am not dissapointed in that. I am hoping that the destruction of one political party may turn the American people against both. It is time for us to get rid of the two party system and have a real open election.

        Also, Obama has not “pissed me off”, what he has done is continued to whittle away at the hope for a better tomorrow in America. He has done nothing in 4 years to change the corruption in Washington and has, in my opinion, made it worst.

        My only hope lies in the fact that he will not be President 4 years from today. Maybe then we can start to fix the mess he has enjoyed playing in.

      2. FL, I will agree with you about the political parties, but unfortunately I do not think that there is a brighter day coming no matter who wins the next election…..

    1. John, I disagree with the media that seems Obama with a mandate because he got 5 million votes…….politicians do NOT care they have their agenda and we are just a tolerable side show to them…

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