It Finally Ends–2012

Mercifully this year is ending and ending on a sour note……after all the total bovine fecal matter leading up to the vote and then the very brief time when all looked bright for some sort of working together and then that bubble burst into a continuation of the hyper partisanship of the past year… can finally be buried in the pages of a history book, to be written at later date…….

As a tradition I look back on things that happened with the blog and pat myself on the back…a bit……and then I sign off to enjoy the last day of a despicable year….to watch it die and hopefully buried……and buried deep……

There have been 257,412 spammers blocked……..12,241 comments………124031 hits and 5440 post (I knew there was a reason that my fingers were stubby)……..

I have enjoyed the year of readers, followers and those that participate…….I wish all those friends a very Happy New Year….please go enjoy food, family, fun and football and I will be back on 02Jan2013………….it will all begin again!

A Very Happy New Year To All!

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