Yet Another Stim Plan?

Many on the Left as well as others have been mouthing that there needs to be yet another stim plan to help us out of the recession that is crippling the US…….of course there are others, mostly on the Right, that say it will be way too expensive and it would expand the deficit even further……

So Professor, will there be yet another stim plan?  Easy and simple answer is YES……but it will not be called that…..there will be some other cutesy label put on it to try and make it look like something other than what it is…..another stim plan…..

Professor, please qualify that answer…….sure thing people……let us begin with demand….there is NO demand……with no consumer demand there will be little to no jobs created… jobs then no expansion of inventories and then NO recovery……it is just that simple….

Then how will the economy recovery?  The new stim plan will not use that label but it will employ such tactics as cash for clunkers, extension of unemployment benefits, etc….things already used that have helped the economy in a minor way…there is already some indications of this will be their tactic….like the cash for caulkers, which is suppose to help people spend money on weatherizing their homes and businesses….

Basically, this is an end run, to use a sports analogy, to help the economy to start its recovery…..personally, I do not think this will do all they intend…..the first stim plan should have been used in other ways than they used it……as I have always said… is always good to create demand….without it there is NO recovery….

But this is not just an idle issue…..

More than 230 mayors are in Washington for the winter meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors, and many said they had been forced to impose layoffs, furloughs, service reductions and fee increases to deal with falling municipal revenue. The next fiscal year looks even worse, they said.

“We are in the middle of a ‘jobs emergency’ that demands decisive and swift action,” said Elizabeth Kautz, the mayor of Burnsville, Minn., and president of the conference. “We need the Senate to pass a Main Street jobs package now.”

Mayor Kautz is a Republican, and while many Republicans in Congress oppose a second stimulus package, many of the Republican mayors here support it.

The economy is NOT looking good….but is a second stim plan really going to help or just be another massive bailout of gamblers and thieves as the first one was?  We have heard lots of lip service about jobs….but where are those jobs?….what sector is employing people?  This is just another “gimme” to Wall Street!

5 thoughts on “Yet Another Stim Plan?

  1. Of course it’s just another gimme to Wall Street! They control the government (ANY government) and they don’t understand normal people and could barely care less anyway – they’re doing fine, which is all that concerns them, but then what else would you expect?

    This is what modern politics is all about and you will never change it for the better unless you find a REALLY better and totally different system and then scrap EVERYTHING we have at present prior to implementing it.

    That is a simple and sad fact. You cannot and, IMO, should not, attempt to change human nature. In fact that’s what’s wrong with the current systems – daft pseudo religious believers are convinced that we are somehow “better” than other animals on this planet – well, we aren’t and you can’t change people just by wishing it was so!

    That’s why I believe we HAVE to create an alternative political system that is UTTERLY independent of outside influences from individuals and groups alike and should only be subject to the will of individuals at election time. Furthermore, that system should be TOTALLY barred from ever attempting social engineering of any kind whatsoever.

    Minimal government is the key (not least because government does few things well and ALWAYS has an overwhelming desire to control people – what shit!).

    Therefore, the only concerns of government should be… the maintenance of a broadly successful economy (which will, as you say, come from demand), broad provision and control of basic services where a national standard of equality is important and desirable (e.g. BASIC healthcare free at the point of delivery for all, education to a high standard, provision of power and a few other things) law and order (and NOTHING that doesn’t directly adversely affect others should be illegal) and defense (not aggression) against real and present dangers AT HOME from outside… and that’s pretty well IT! Of course, that would require a HUGE reduction in the size and cost of government at all levels – EXCEPT, probably, at local level, but bureaucracy even ther should be curtailed and kept to a minimum. Oh, and local government should NEVER be expected to control, finance or otherwise administer NATIONALLY inspired functions and services!

    On a personal note: I think statistics should be outlawed as counterproductive, a waste of time, effort and money and almost always biased and misleading.

    Just a point of view you understand 😆

    1. I like it! Now if we can find a good way to achieve the new system……now that will be a hard row to hoe…..stats will say whatever you want them to say…polls are only as accurate as the questions…..and bureaucrats are dicks…..I think that about covers it all….

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