Random Thoughts

Once again these are notes that I have taken and they did not necessarily warrant an entire post.
1–She recently gave birth to eight kids, so maybe she’ll end up having an equal number of PR flacks. Victor Munoz, the latest rep for octuplets mom Nadya Suleman, has told Usmagazine.com that he’s resigned. And while no one’s exactly accused Suleman of good judgment lately, she can probably do better than a publicist who offers up these choice quotes along with news of his resignation: “It’s pretty much a free-for-all over there right now. They are freaking out … Nadya got real greedy. This woman is nuts.” Munoz is the second publicist to leave the octo-nest; an earlier rep quit after her firm received a slew of hate mail.

2–Palin’s daughter and financee have called it splits…was there any doubt?  He is a cockhound and she is a conquest….Wasilla…..lock up your daughters.

3–In Iraq, shoe thrower gets 3 years in prison.  What would he have gotten if he had actually hit old what-hius-name?

4–Was 6500 the bottom of the stock market?

5–Last week Obama was a prick because his stim plan would do no good for the country–this week after 3 days of steady growth in the markets, he is a prick for being too optimistic.

6–“Punching bag” Rhianna and “boxer” Chris Brown (is he kin to Bobby Brown?), are recording a duet—I have heard it has a good BEAT and should be a big HIT…….what is this girl thinking?

7–Do people realize that the rise in the stock market is nothing but bargain hunters taking profits, right?

8–Is it just me or is competitive eating just a cover for gluttony?

9–Pres. Bush gets a $7 million book deal–the publish is Charmin Toilet tissue.

10-At least 13 firms receiving billions of dollars in bailout money owe a total of more than $220 million in unpaid federal taxes, a key lawmaker said Thursday. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., chairman of a House subcommittee overseeing the federal bailout, said two firms owe more than $100 million apiece.

11-10,000 wanna-be models stampede in NYC and 3 people are hurt that is because the combined weight of all those models was 54 lbs.


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Hi Chuq! Please forgive me for being away for a while 🙂

    RE: Rihanna–I don’t normally follow pop culture, but this story’s been getting my attention. She’s such a beautiful woman, and so talented, but yes–she’s pretty stupid and/or weak. Why go back to the same assfuck shitbag who pummeled her in the face like that? I don’t get it. It’s such a shame that so many beautiful, wonderful women have fallen into abusive situations, and don’t know better than to get out while they can. In this case, Rihanna really has no excuse, though. It’s not like he’s her baby-daddy and she needs his financial support, like she’s have nowhere to go… she’s more successful than he is –she doesn’t “need” him and I can’t see why she thinks for a moment that she may “need” him. She’s weak… and it saddens me.

    1. Hi girl….nice to hear from you as always…..I think she will be in for another beating soon….sad that she is not smart enough to see it coming.

  2. I know… it’s so sad – she’s so naive. What she needs to do is get the f*ck away from that guy. Even if they were just recording a duet together last week and not really back together, it’s not like there’s no one else she can record a song with. And it’s not like there isn’t 10 million guys who want to “#$!%&” her – what’s she doing with that sad excuse for a man? It’s really a shame.

    1. so true…..I cannot carry a tune in a bucket but I would be glad to do a duet with her…..I just hope she wakes up before she is hurt too bad.

  3. I hope so too… violent relationships like this tend to get worse, not better. I really hope she gets out asap.

    1. I think she will be young and dumb and full of….well you know the rest and she will take yet another one before it sinks in….sad

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