Health Care: An Info Ink Op-Ed

WARNING:  This post maybe offensive!

From time to time we at Info Ink like to get angry and vent a bit–this is such a case and be warned that some may find the post a bit offensive.

President Obama praised the healthcare industry’s promise to cut $2 trillion in costs over 10 years, but lawmakers and economists questioned how much it really helps in coming up with a solution for the millions of uninsured.

It’s “a watershed event in the long and elusive quest for healthcare reform,” Obama declared at the White House with representatives of the insurance industry, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and a top labor union at his side.

It is damn funny that after fighting any reform for more than a decade, that these a/holes have seen the light and want to do the right thing.  It is all so much horseshit!  These dick wads are running sacred and are trying to head off any real reform at the pass.

And why the f*ck is single payer people not represented in the discussion?  Reform is the word of the day…..a reform is much more preferable than real change?  Why?  Reform can be overthrown in the future and it is a short term fix at best.

I am disappointed in the president so far on the health care issue.

Several lawmakers made clear that the industry proposal would do nothing to stave off the outcome health insurers and others are trying to avoid – a new government insurance plan that would be available to middle-income Americans. Health insurers say such a plan would drive them out of business.

“This commitment to cost-cutting is a good-faith gesture by the healthcare industry, but it does not mitigate the need for a public plan option in the upcoming reform bill,” said Senator Charles Schumer, a member of the Senate Finance Committee that’s writing a health reform bill.

How will cutting costs over the next several years make more people insured?  Just how goddamn stupid do they think we are?

The top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, called the announcement a “move in the right direction,” but said it would be more significant if the Congressional Budget Office, Washington’s arbiter of what costs or saves money for the government, determined it saved money.  This right here should illustrate just how bogus this offer is…..When a dickhead like Grassley says it is a good move, then that should tell everyone that there is nothing new or reforming about the offer.

AS it stands right now, none of this crap is gonna make people more insured…it is still a system of profit that has been in place for way too damn long.  The winners will be the industry, the losers, as usual, will be the people.


Random Thoughts

Once again these are notes that I have taken and they did not necessarily warrant an entire post.
1–She recently gave birth to eight kids, so maybe she’ll end up having an equal number of PR flacks. Victor Munoz, the latest rep for octuplets mom Nadya Suleman, has told that he’s resigned. And while no one’s exactly accused Suleman of good judgment lately, she can probably do better than a publicist who offers up these choice quotes along with news of his resignation: “It’s pretty much a free-for-all over there right now. They are freaking out … Nadya got real greedy. This woman is nuts.” Munoz is the second publicist to leave the octo-nest; an earlier rep quit after her firm received a slew of hate mail.

2–Palin’s daughter and financee have called it splits…was there any doubt?  He is a cockhound and she is a conquest….Wasilla…..lock up your daughters.

3–In Iraq, shoe thrower gets 3 years in prison.  What would he have gotten if he had actually hit old what-hius-name?

4–Was 6500 the bottom of the stock market?

5–Last week Obama was a prick because his stim plan would do no good for the country–this week after 3 days of steady growth in the markets, he is a prick for being too optimistic.

6–“Punching bag” Rhianna and “boxer” Chris Brown (is he kin to Bobby Brown?), are recording a duet—I have heard it has a good BEAT and should be a big HIT…….what is this girl thinking?

7–Do people realize that the rise in the stock market is nothing but bargain hunters taking profits, right?

8–Is it just me or is competitive eating just a cover for gluttony?

9–Pres. Bush gets a $7 million book deal–the publish is Charmin Toilet tissue.

10-At least 13 firms receiving billions of dollars in bailout money owe a total of more than $220 million in unpaid federal taxes, a key lawmaker said Thursday. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., chairman of a House subcommittee overseeing the federal bailout, said two firms owe more than $100 million apiece.

11-10,000 wanna-be models stampede in NYC and 3 people are hurt that is because the combined weight of all those models was 54 lbs.

Why Do Not Whites Vote Obama?

Note:  Before I start this post I would like to to say that I no way intend this as a statement of RACISM.  I am only giving my opinion of a phenom that I see and my analysis of the situation.  It is humor.

I have watched all the news stories of Obama in Ohio and Pennsylvania and elsewhere and the analyst are trying to put a finger on the fact that Obama seems to be having a problem reaching blue collar white working men.  I have heard everything from they think he is an elitist, which is something that Clinton fed them to is race or his education , just about every excuse known to man.  From every angle and from position.

But they have overlooked one thing.  I would like to point out that this is not scientific or necessarily that accurate but could explain the disconnect between Obama and white working class voters.

Personally, I think that these voters think that if Obama is elected president, that on inauguration day that once he is sworn in, he will step from behind the podium take off this suit coat to expose a heavy gold chain supporting a gold VW hubcap; he will grab his crotch with his left hand throw his right hand in the air and yell, “Big O in da house!”  They seem to think he will revert back to his ghetto days.  That is if he every had any such days.  I think that the disconnected white working class males will think he will act “black”.

Personally, I do know what that actually means, but then I think the man is an exceptional candidate, articulate and personable.

But if he nominates Snoop Dogg as Sec of Defense, god knows he probably has the weapons for it, then we will know what is what.

Please do not take offense…this is what we call…H-U-M-O-R.