The Humor That Is Trickle Down Economics

Professor, why humor? Back in the day there was “voodoo” economics and then it was “trickle down” economics, that is, simply put, where you give the rich and corporations heavy tax cuts and the savings will trickle down to all economic strata. The two Bushes are of this thinking.

Let us look at what really happened. Corporate profits have risen by 72% and the income of the richest 0.1% of the population has risen by 51%, while the working class has seen job cuts, stagnate wages, health care cut, etc. That predicted trickle has not made it to the working class; it will NEVER make it to the working class.

The trickle down is a LIE! It will never make it to the point that it was sold to the sleeping public. Where are the realists? Why does not the people have enough sense to see this? Good questions!

First, the realists told the American public it was not a good idea, but they ignored the warnings, just so they could save $7 on the taxes per week. Shortsightedness is the reason; the need for instant gratification is the reason, but the real reason is STUPIDITY! Oh sorry I answered both question with one answer–COOL!

May I suggest that the people spend a little more time educating themselves and a little less time with their butts glued to a sofa. Your only other option is to stay bent over with a jar of vasoline close at hand, that will help make the f*cking by the government a little more comfortable.

Peace, Out

4 thoughts on “The Humor That Is Trickle Down Economics

  1. Haha! Truly brilliant! I suppose that a jar of vaseline may help ease the absurdity. Really, idea of trickle-down econ has never worked, and is a lie and a ploy which that keeps money and power in the hands of the already-wealthy. When Obama says that the economy must be fixed “from the bottom up”, I do agree, but he focuses on the middle class rather than the many Americans live below the poverty line. I rarely hear any talk from Washington about the working poor. I suppose that sucking up to the middle class is every politician’s “safest bet,” but for once, I’d like to hear from a serious “politician” who actually believes in grassroots, bottom-up economics and plans to do something about it.

  2. the system we have now is working as always from the top down……there can be little room for anything else…but wait….a chance has arrived and it is called the crisis. We can only watch to see what will be done and how.

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