Is This How They Support Our Veterans?

I personally think that this country does not give enough support to our veterans…..especially those that suffer damage because of our moronic wars.

The GOP always plays hard to the veteran and lies to them every election and when they are elected they stab the vets in the back…..almost every time.

The GOP controlled House has done that exact thing while playing the debt game…..

When the new House majority passed its grab bag of government spending cuts last month, setting up an on-going game of chicken with the White House over any federal debt limit increase, they also directed their fire at essential services for military veterans, a constituency long courted by their own party. Included in the “Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023,” was a proposed 22% reduction in funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Right-wing Republicans scrambled to provide political cover for themselves by insisting that “our budget cutting plan doesn’t harm veterans.” Instead, claimed Mike Bost, a former Marine from Illinois who now chairs the House Veterans Affairs Committee, his  conservative colleagues were just trying to force a long-overdue discussion of whether VA funding is “actually helping veterans.”

Fortunately, a VA patient, elected to Congress last year, took the House floor to accuse the Republican majority of passing a “B.S. plan” that’s “an absolute betrayal and a disgrace.” As former Navy Officer Chris Deluzio (D-PA) noted, House Republicans are “threatening to blow up our economy and to push us into default unless we agree to cuts to the VA and veterans, and to so much else.  There is not a single protection, not a single one for veterans in their bill. …Millions of veterans are going to be screwed by this plan.  They won’t get the care they’ve earned, and they will have to wait longer for benefits.”

Deluzio’s fiery speech generated much media attention and set the tone for other Democrats, like Joe Biden and California Congressman Mark Takano, who have weighed in, with similar criticism of GOP hypocrisy. Democratic Party consultants and strategists are, no doubt, already sketching out the kind of attack adds—focusing on Republican support for VA benefit cuts—that will be aired to help the White House woo the “vet vote” away from right-wing candidates next year, who need to be defeated for myriad reasons.

Amid Debt Ceiling Debate: VA Cuts Passed by House Give Corporate Dems Political Cover

How f*cked up is that?

We have a Pentagon play war around the world that gets almost unlimited funds and our vets will have to deal with a possible 22% cut in need funds.

And yet this betrayal will be forgotten by 2024 vote… that is what is f*cked up!

Our vets deserve so much more than they get….thank you for your service is just a feel good tagline….if you really want to ‘thank them’ then make damn sure they are looked after as they should be.

On an unrelated note:  DeSantis announced Thursday that he would seek the presidency and in the first 24 hrs he has raised $8.2 million….that should scare any rational person into start looking closely at the candidates.

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20 thoughts on “Is This How They Support Our Veterans?

  1. Here’s a thought… currently the Constitution allows for two senators from each state. Add to that… at least one senator from each state must be a military veteran.

  2. Here’s a thought… currently the Constitution allows for two senators from each state. Add to that… at least one senator from each state must be a military veteran.

    1. I have no problem with that proposal….plus all others must pass a basic civics exam…..this idea on the heels of Memorial Day….what a great bunch, eh? chuq

      1. No shit, old buddy. Candidates aren’t getting any better… or younger it seems.

  3. One reason I don’t support the volunteer military is the odds of getting a non-veteran Congressman, Senator, President, or Vice President are greater. Of course, the GOP gives a non-“f” for veterans except on holidays related to them and when trying to make themselves look like “patriots” with their inappropriately draped flags and flags flying, dirty, on the back of pickups and Harleys! A true American would at least learn the proper display of the flag if the “love” it so much, eh?! It’s easy enough to find on the internet.

    I puke every time I see a fascist response to a man kneeling during the National Anthem as a protest about murder of black men by police or the on-going abuse and official murders of black-brown-yellow-skinned Americans or taking to the streets in a legal demonstration about the same, then the same mentality of people storming the Capitol in a riot, calling it a “tourist incursion” or “an expression of 1st Amendment rights”, not an attempt to end democracy in America!

    [Gad! You’re really punching all my buttons lately!]

    1. I feel your stomach churning with the GOP….Dems are a bit better but they just do not how to play the game of politics. or do they? chuq

  4. As I understand it, (correct me if I am wrong) the US Military mostly recruits ‘ordinary’ troops from working-class communites where serving in the forces is an alternative to being unemployed or existing on welfare. (And in some cases, not going to prison) Then they want to punish those same veterans by cutting their benefits when they have served and done their duty.
    Yet many of the states where the recurits come from constantly elect right-wing Republican politicians. The circle continues, sadly. Until the voters wake up and see what is happening.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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