The Creepy Line

This is a rare occasion for IST….I do not normally review books or film for my tastes would probably bore the crap out of my readers….but from time to time I see or read something that I feel all should be exposed to in some small way.

It is Sunday and I try to be an FYI blog so today’s post is the control of society by Google and Facebook.

It is no secret that I am no fan of social media…..I use to use Twitter as a news feed but have not been on the site for over a year, my wife goes on my site but I have abstained….I have never been a member of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktoc, of any other social media….basically I do not want to share every minute of my life with the world….I could care less about their make-up secrets, of fashion knowledge, or the food they eat…..for me all that is a huge waste of time and those who do are just seeking some sort of validation.

A few years ago I made my thoughts known on this leech on society….

Social Media Is The Mind Killer

All that aside I recently came across a film that explains just how Google, Facebook and others are manipulating society and the individual.

The title of this film is “The Creepy Line” and it is available on IMDb…..

You may think you know all about these social titans but you have NO idea just how deep the manipulation is to our society.

Just watch the damn film and learn something!

I liked the film because you did not need a degree from MIT to understand just how these sites are manipulating and changing society….IMO they are turning society into a pack of idiots.

Please take some time and watch the film it is an eye opener… exposes our addiction to social media and the consequences of that addiction.

Have a great day….Be Well….Be Safe….

I Read, I Write, You Know

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3 thoughts on “The Creepy Line

  1. If the majority of the “pack Of Idiots” desire to use their social media in our almost free society, why would anyone object to them fulfulling their desires for instant gratification that the social media gives to them? The social media is here and here the social media will stay so arguing about it is moot.

  2. I have seen first-hand evidence of Facebook ruining lives, and it is well-known that Google and Amazon listen in on conversations through their ‘Smart Assistants’. As I see it, the problem is that most people don’t care. I told my wife about this years ago, yet she is still addicted to Facebook and uses Google Assistant.
    As for people under 50, most have grown up with social media intrusion, and seem to accept it as an integral part of modern life.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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