Another Epidemic Waiting To Happen?

Some interesting news to start your month.

Sunday and I spent the morning checking the orchard out….the olives are in bloom, so is the plum, tangerine and satsuma are filled with small young fruit…..fig is coming along and the blueberries are plentiful….appears it will be a good year for fruit.

Now that the mundane is out of the way….let’s move on to other news.

We went through the all divisive Covid epidemic…..we have a flesh eating bug out there….even a brain eating beast….and now we have yet another problem waiting to explode.

More than six years ago, news of a newly discovered drug-resistant “killer fungus” started making the rounds in the US, and scientists hoped to “contain and stop the spread” of it. Now, a concerning development, as the CDC notes that the possibly fatal fungus has been charging through health care facilities around the country, reports NBC News. A new CDC study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine on the fungus—a yeast called Candida auris that especially affects older people and those with weakened immune systems—found that not only is the number of people with an infection from the fungus spiking at an “alarming rate,” but the number of those carrying C. auris is also rising. The New York Times has the numbers: In 2019, state and local health departments reported about 500 cases of the fungal infection.

By 2021, that had reached nearly 1,500—a 200% increase. Although the study itself didn’t include 2022’s numbers, a CDC website noted that last year saw 2,377 cases. C. auris is now found in more than half of the nation’s states, with Nevada, Florida, California, Texas, Illinois, and New York seeing the highest concentrations, per the CDC site. The fatality rate of C. auris patients is also concerning: The CDC says about half of those who become infected die, though researchers acknowledge they aren’t able to point to the fungus itself as the main cause of death, as those who die often have other medical issues. Then there’s the fact that the fungus is highly resistant to various drug classes, including echinocandins. Per the Times, health officials say “if resistance to echinocandins becomes more common as the germ evolves, C. auris could become extremely difficult, if not impossible, to treat.”

Scientists believe that the fungal infection may have worsened during the pandemic due to attention and resources being directed toward COVID, and because medical professionals’ personal protective gear, which C. auris clings to, was changed out less often due to shortages. None of this means that fighting the fungus is a lost cause, as there has been progress on stopping the spread in New York and Illinois. And Dr. Waleed Javaid, an epidemiologist at Mount Sinai, says that patients who contract the infection are typically “extremely ill individuals” with other issues. “We don’t want people who watched The Last of Us to think we’re all going to die,” he tells NBC.

Oh goody something else to worry about these days….as if we do not have enough on our plates to worry about these days.

Be warned and be prepared.

Please people do not run out and buy up all the toilet paper you can find…..see where this is going before you panic.

Enjoy your Sunday….Be Well and Be Safe.

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15 thoughts on “Another Epidemic Waiting To Happen?

  1. I still have toilet paper left over from when covid 19 began. And yes there will be more pandemics as soon as somebody figures out how to start them and how to profit from them.

  2. Not only do we have to contend with the “usual” new microbic maladies that pop up all the time naturally, but i recently read about global warming revealing some nasty possibilities. It seems those receding glaciers and the thawing of ancient frozen tundras is revealing long dormant pre-historic microbes and fungae. These things went dormant as a result of ice ages past and can and will easily come back to life in a totally different present climate than that when they first existed before going dormant. Obviously many will not survive naturally… but it’s unknown how many variations will evolve and thrive.. “better” than before. Remember that back when these microbes went dormant man wasn’t even around. So it’s a bit of a “Jurassic Park” mixing of species that didn’t exist together.
    Also consider, as the glaciers melt it will also reveal meteor particles from ancient impacts, that likely have their own dormant microbes from out-of-this-world sources.
    A real crap shoot of new possibilities.

  3. What Doug said.
    That could possibly kill off the entire human race. But the powers that be are dragging their feet on global warming. Once they wake up, it will already be too late.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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