Another Ukraine Update

There are so many things happening in Ukraine that not many of them gets reported… seems to be more important that we, the public, know about the war and such…..but like I say there are many other things happening that we need to know because it is our cash that is being thrown at Ukraine.

Russian spies seem to e better equipped for this war than the Russian military….

The 39-page report, titled Preliminary Lessons from Russia’s Unconventional Operations During the Russo-Ukrainian War, Feb 2022-Feb 2023, is aimed as a warning to Western governments as to the extent of Russian covert operations to subvert a target country.

The report’s main author, Jack Watling, points to the recent arrest of a senior German intelligence official accused of passing highly classified information to Moscow.

“It is evident,” says the report, “that the Russian special services managed to recruit a large agent network in Ukraine prior to the invasion and that much of the support apparatus has remained viable after the invasion, providing a steady stream of human intelligence to Russian forces.”

Russia’s domestic spy agency, the FSB, the modern-day successors to the Soviet KGB, was able to do this by forming temporary operational groups that focused on target cities such as Melitopol.

As Russian forces advanced, FSB officers would seize Ukrainian government records from local headquarters, download the computer hard drives which then allowed them to build lists of who was working for the state and where they lived.

Ukrainian government has decided to go after the religious leaders that do not agree with his policies…..

A Kyiv court ordered a leading priest to be put under house arrest Saturday after Ukraine’s top security agency said he was suspected of justifying Russian aggression, a criminal offense. It was the latest move in a bitter dispute over a famed Orthodox monastery. Metropolitan Pavel, the abbot of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra monastery, Ukraine’s most revered Orthodox site, has denied the charges and resisted the authorities’ order to vacate the complex, the AP reports. After the court’s ruling, a monitoring bracelet was placed around his ankle, despite his objections that he has diabetes and should not wear it.

“I am accepting this,” he said before the bracelet was attached. “Christ was crucified on the cross, so why shouldn’t I accept this?” In a court hearing earlier in the day, the metropolitan said the claim by the Security Service of Ukraine that he condoned Russia’s invasion was politically driven. “I have never been on the side of aggression,” Pavel told reporters in the courthouse. “This is my land.” He cursed President Volodymyr Zelensky earlier in the week, threatening him with damnation. SBU agents raided the metropolitcan’s residence, and prosecutors asked the court to put him under house arrest pending the investigation. The hearing Saturday was adjourned until Monday after the metropolitan said he was feeling unwell.

The monks in the monastery belong to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which has been accused of having links to Russia. The dispute surrounding the property, also known as the Monastery of the Caves, is part of a wider religious conflict that has unfolded in parallel with the war. The Ukrainian government has cracked down on the church over its historic ties to the Russian Orthodox Church, whose leader, Patriarch Kirill, has supported Russian President Vladimir Putin in the invasion of Ukraine. The UOC has insisted that it’s loyal to Ukraine and has denounced the Russian invasion from the start. But Ukrainian security agencies have raided holy sites of the church and then posted photos of rubles, Russian passports, and leaflets with messages from the Moscow patriarch as proof that some church officials have been loyal to Russia.

I still believe that going after a persons religion and its leaders is not a good idea….

Zelensky’s plan for post-war reconstruction should not sit well with big oil….

Major international energy companies that raked in bumper profits because of price spikes over the course of the war should pour some of that cash into rebuilding Ukraine’s shattered power infrastructure, Kyiv’s Energy Minister German Galushchenko told POLITICO.

In a wide-ranging interview, Galushchenko also argued the West needed to close sanctions loopholes on Russian energy sales to prevent an “endless war” in Ukraine, and said Kyiv could provide alternative nuclear fuel so some EU countries could wean themselves off their dependence on Russian supplies.

“A lot of energy companies get enormous windfall profits due to the war. So we estimated this at more than $200 billion,” Galushchenko said on a visit to Brussels. “They get this money because we are fighting, because of the war.”

Finally Zelensky had an interview with AP and the transcript can be read here.

For me Zelensky was doing this interview as emotional blackmail of the West….it is always more more, more.

There is some of the news that may have omitted from your daily drivel intake on the Ukraine situation.

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4 thoughts on “Another Ukraine Update

  1. The Vatican had a pope who was in sympathy with the Nazis during world war II so there is nothing new here .. those religious leaders who are traitors should be strung up publicly.

  2. As we both know, there are two sides to every story in this war. The BBC spent a long time showing emotional funerals of Ukrainian soldiers today. But at the end of the report they added that ‘Official figures for Ukrainian casualties are not released, but they are believed to be in the tens of thousands killed in action’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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