Russian Nuke News Of The Day

The big news this weekend ought to get the jaws flapping and brains scrambled…..

Over the weekend news broke that Russia plans to re-position its nukes.

President Vladimir Putin said Saturday that Russia will station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. The allies struck an agreement after Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko raised the possibility, Putin told Russian state television, per the BBC. Russia will maintain control of the weapons, he said, likening the move to the US having weapons in Europe and saying it won’t break existing nonproliferation agreements. “The United States has been doing this for decades,” Putin was quoted as saying.

A storage site for the weapons, which are designed to be used in battle—unlike longer-range strategic nuclear weapons—will be built by July 1, Putin said, per Reuters. Putin has had Lukashenko’s support for the invasion of Ukraine, and Russia has used neighboring Belarus as a staging ground for deploying troops. Putin said this move is a response to Britain’s decision to ship Ukraine armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium, which Russia falsely claims have nuclear components, per the AP.

Again I think some will lose their minds over this news…..

Why would Putin do this move?

Putin also said the decision was related to the UK supplying Ukraine with depleted uranium rounds for its British-made Challenger 2 tanks. Depleted uranium ammunition is radioactive and is linked to cancer and birth defects, especially in Iraq, where US forces used an enormous number of the controversial munitions.

When will this happen…..if ever…..?

In response to the announcement, the US said it hasn’t seen any indication that Russia is planning to use nuclear weapons. White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby also said the US hasn’t seen Russia move any nuclear weapons around yet.

But let me say this is no different than the US putting nukes in the UK and other sites….before I get some half brain thinking that I am a Putin fan let me state here and now….Putin is a barbaric tool the sooner he is gone the better….and the nukes…I am anti nuke as well as anti-war…..I do not think that we need the capabilities to destroy the earth several times over….we already do a fine job with conventional weapons.

Does that clear up any confusion?  (Probably not but I tried)

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3 thoughts on “Russian Nuke News Of The Day

  1. Russia has been using DU artillery and tank ammunition since the start of the war, so that’s a cynical argument. As for basing tactical nukes in other countries, I think NATO takes the prize for that already. It was only a matter of time before Putin used that as an excuse to do the same.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Putin can get about as much mileage with this move as he could if he strapped his male part to his left leg with masking tape.

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