Closing Thought–09Mar23

Most of us bloggers keep an eye on our region so that we may comment on the developments that effect our country.

Since I live in the Gulf South I keep an eye on the US mini dictator, the governor of Florida DeSantis (I had better be careful or he may send the Floridian thought police after me)…..

DeSantis recently went to California to make a speech at the Reagan Library to promote his new book…..

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Sunday blasted “leftist politicians” and touted his state’s “massive gains” in a speech in California amid speculation that he’ll jump into the 2024 presidential race. 

“We’ve witnessed a great American exodus from states governed by leftist politicians imposing leftist ideologies and delivering poor results. And you can see massive gains in states like Florida, who are governing according to the tried and true principles that President Reagan held dear,” DeSantis said in remarks at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Southern California with the Orange County GOP, as reported by The Washington Post. 

The governor said he was there “to share the Florida Blueprint to preserve and protect freedom” as he promotes his new book, “The Courage to Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival.”


One more Floridian cock-up…..

“To Protect And Preserve Freedom”….except for women, gays, education, books and dogs….whose freedom is he trying to preserve?

There is so much more….

DeSantis has appointed a person to the Disney Oversight Board…..and he believes that tap water is turning our boys gay… read that right!

One of Ron DeSantis’ appointees to a special district that will oversee Walt Disney World once amplified a conspiracy theory that tap water could be turning people gay, according to a report from CNN.

Ron Peri, the CEO of The Gathering, a Christian ministry, also disparaged homosexuality, calling it “shameful,” according to CNN.

In a video of a January 2022 Zoom discussion, Peri claimed, without evidence, that higher levels of estrogen in the water from birth control pills led to lower levels of testosterone in men.

“So why are there homosexuals today? There are any number of reasons, you know, that are given. Some would say the increase in estrogen in our societies,” he said, according to the CNN report. He also linked homosexuality to disease.

Peri also said, according to the KFile report, “There are a lot of unhealthy effects of a homosexual lifestyle. There are diseases, but it goes beyond that.”


Oh to be in Florida…..NOT!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


14 thoughts on “Closing Thought–09Mar23

  1. IST, how is it possible that people like you mentioned live on planet ignorance and continent plain stupidity.

    Condeming, judging, blaiming but no understabding or compassion to detect.

    How dare they call themself christian?

    People like that make me angry!

  2. Speaking of water and boys turning gay…what about that photo of De Santis wearing those white boots. LOL! Oops! I better watch it in case he becomes president and makes all US bloggers register so he can keep his heavy fascist thumb on us!

  3. I’ll never understand why the left accuses parents who think pornography and sex change information and multi-sex identities of book banning or book burning on the part of wholesome parents who think all this trash is inappropriate for their children and does not belong in school libraries. Parents have every right , more precisely the responsibility, to protect their children from the contamination and filth that their critics deem normal and any objection by parents is bigotry and suppression of free speech and ideas and plain ignorance. The embrace of a culture of the bizarre is astonishing.

    1. They would not have any problems if they took more time with their children…no they want the government to do it for them so they have more time to do mind numbing crap. Funny this gets lots of blow back but other attacks go unnoticed. Parents are lazy and prefer to let someone else be the ‘bad guy’. chuq

  4. You’re right in your opinion that parents should spend more time with their children.
    I think that many parents want to, but having several jobs to make ends meet leaves not much time with their children.

    In my opinion,as far as my knowledge goes US children are pampered or they are left to fend to much on their own.

    1. The game console has replaced personal contact… mother worked two jobs and she made time for me when she could and I turned out just fine.

      Be well my friend chuq

  5. Over here, De Santis is cast as the next Presidential candidate for the Republicans. I can only imagine that will be a huge boost for Cuban immigrants, as they seem to be the only sort that are approved of. They are the immigrants who hate any immigrants who are not Cuban. How twisted is that? It might also be the first step on the road to ‘Gilead’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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