‘Super Bowl’ Sunday–2023

I do not expect much activity on IST today for it is the annual ritual of the Super Bowl….I was there for the first one and I was a Green Bay fan and I remember when the Jets beat the Colts….but over the years I have lost all interest in the game.

These days about the only sport I watch is Hockey….New Jersey Devils, Colorado Avalanche or the Washington Capitals….

I know most of the hockey players are toothless ogres, right?

This my friends is a hockey player…..a goalie at that….

Goalie turned model Mikayla Demaiter heats up Instagram with Easter bunny photo

So much more to see….
Now you know why I like hockey.
When linebackers look like this then maybe I will spend more time with football.
All that aside…..please if you are having a Super Bowl party be careful and do not over indulge for the local constabulary will be looking for people that had lots of fun.
Enjoy your Sunday….Enjoy your game….see you guys tomorrow.
Be well and Be Safe….
“lego ergo scribo”

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