When We Ever Learn?

This is basically about the elections past and present where one issue politics has ruled the day…..to my way of thinking it basically began in earnest with Reagan.

1980 was when religion was allowed to control the dialog….1980 was when people on welfare became the bad guy…..on and on….it has just gotten worse with each passing election.

Comparing Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan has become the key trope of the Republican Party’s decline. Trumpism is typically cast as a drastic deviation from the golden standard of US conservatism set by Reagan. But according to Olga Thierbach-McLean, Reagan’s political legacy is the disease rather than the cure

In the ongoing identity crisis of US conservatism, anti-Trump Republicans have been caught between partisan battle lines. They find themselves aligning with Democrats in opposition to Trumpism. But they have also been under pressure to produce an alternative both to liberal and MAGA (Make America Great Again) agendas.

So far, they have failed to put forth a fresh conservative vision. Instead, they have reverted to political nostalgia centred around the towering figure of Ronald Reagan.

Most conservative Trump critics have explicitly framed their opposition in terms of restoring ‘the party of Ronald Reagan’

According to a common refrain, Trump is the direct antithesis to Reagan’s ‘intellectual depth and philosophical consistency, respect for ideas and elevated rhetoric, civility and personal grace’. In fact, most conservative Trump critics have explicitly framed their opposition in terms of restoring ‘the party of Ronald Reagan’.

The Reagan Myth Is Stunting the Republican Party

Is the Reagan myth really where the GOP wants to be?

Ever since the faith based voter has embraced the hypocrisy of the GOP they have been basically ignored especially after the voting….

On Oct. 30, 1975, after then-President Gerald Ford declared that he would veto any bill calling for “a federal bailout of New York City,” the New York Daily News ran a story with the now-famous headline: “Ford to City: Drop Dead.”

For years now, many conservatives and people of faith have felt that the entrenched Republican establishment and GOP “leadership” continually conveys the same message when it comes to the party following up on campaign promises made to those voting blocs. 

Once reelected, and often because of conservative and faith-based voters, those establishment Republicans and their leadership would stab those constituencies in the back as they cozied up to corporate America, lobbying firms, Big Tech, the mainstream media, and any special interests who might fund their campaigns or hire them once they left Congress.

As the movie tagline tells us, “It’s a tale as old as time.” At least, political time.

Republican establishment to conservative and faith-based voters: ‘Drop dead’

Sorry but this is what they get when single issues are all they are capable of handling at one time.

Expand your mental endeavors and maybe you can find people that will do your bidding.

Then there is the distorted definition of the GOP’s version of ‘freedom’…..

Queer people in America are not feeling “freedom,” particularly after the most recent deadly attack on Club Q in Colorado Springs. As if to amplify the Republican message of hate and fear against this vulnerable group of our fellow Americans, it happened on Trans Remembrance Day, when we honor the memory of trans people who’ve been the victims of hate and violence. 

Nonetheless, Republicans continue to peddle LGBTQ+ hate as part of their “freedom agenda,” with Ron DeSantis saying he’s “saving” children from evil Florida teachers bent on “sexualizing children in kindergarten” and Gov. Kristi Noem proclaiming: “In South Dakota, only girls play girls’ sports.” 

Mike Pence, no friend to queer people or women, announced his very own “Freedom Agenda,” telling reporters, “It really is an effort to put in one place the agenda that I think carried us to the White House in 2016, carried two Bush presidencies to the White House and carried Ronald Reagan to the White House in 1980.”

Republicans, however, have a weird definition of what it means to be “free.”


No voter should put all their support in one issue for life is more complex than that.

Just saying.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


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