“Dead Eye Dick” Is Guilty

06 January conspirator has had his day in court and is found guilty…..

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was convicted Tuesday of seditious conspiracy for a violent plot to overturn Joe Biden’s presidential win, handing the Justice Department a major victory in its massive prosecution of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol. A Washington, DC, jury found Rhodes guilty of sedition after three days of deliberations in the nearly two-month-long trial that showcased the far-right extremist group’s efforts to keep Donald Trump in the White House at all costs, the AP reports. The rarely used, Civil War-era charge calls for up to 20 years behind bars. Rhodes didn’t go inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, but was accused of leading a plot that began shortly after the 2020 election to wage an armed rebellion to stop the transfer of presidential power.

Through recordings and encrypted messages, jurors heard how Rhodes rallied his followers to fight to keep Trump in office, warned of a possible “bloody” civil war and expressed regret that the Oath Keepers didn’t bring rifles to the Capitol on Jan. 6. In an extraordinary move, Rhodes and two other defendants took the stand in their defense, opening themselves up to intense questioning from prosecutors. Rhodes told jurors there was no plan to attack the Capitol and insisted that his followers who went inside the building went rogue.

On trial alongside Rhodes were Kelly Meggs, leader of the Florida chapter of the Oath Keepers; Kenneth Harrelson, another Florida Oath Keeper; Thomas Caldwell, a retired Navy intelligence officer from Virginia; and Jessica Watkins, who led an Ohio militia group. Meggs was also found guilty of seditious conspiracy but Harrelson, Watkins, and Caldwell were found not guilty of the charge, the BBC reports. All five defendants were found guilty of obstruction of an official proceeding.

Only right wing dipshits will mourn his conviction…..not even his family has anything good to say about Dead Eye Dick……

Prosecutors with the Justice Department were handed a big win Tuesday with the conviction of Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes on sedition charges, but they’re not the only ones celebrating a victory. “I am beyond happy,” Tasha Adams, the far-right militia leader’s estranged wife, tells Insider. “He has absolutely never had to face a consequence in his entire life.” Adams, who shares six children with Rhodes, adds: “He’s spent his life making others pay; this was past due for him.” The outlet notes that Adams has previously talked about the fear she had of her husband, whom she married in 1994 after dating for three years.

She says that Rhodes was emotionally and physically abusive to the children, and that he “viciously pushed every psychological button after just the slightest request of him,” per Insider. She adds that she breathed a sigh of relief when he was arrested earlier this year on the Jan. 6 charges. Now, “I am thrilled that he’s finally facing justice,” she says, though she warns that her spouse will likely try to seek a pardon from former President Trump if he is elected back to the Oval Office, per HuffPost.

She’s not the only family member speaking out. The Daily Beast reports that, after Tuesday’s verdict was read, Dakota Adams, the couple’s 25-year-old son, took to Twitter to post a three-second YouTube clip from It’s a Wonderful Life, in which the villainous Mr. Potter exclaims, “Happy new year to you … in jail!” In a second tweet, Dakota added: “So much weight is off now.” The BBC has a longer take on the ordeal of Rhodes’ family, and how Dakota Adams helped them all escape from him in 2018. “Until I was an adult man, I lived absolutely under the thumb of an emotional terrorist,” Adams says. The family’s full story here.

I say give him/them the max penalties….jail time and cash…..

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24 thoughts on ““Dead Eye Dick” Is Guilty

  1. Democrats gloat about strange things. Security at the Capitol stank. The Jan 6th rally was expected to draw a huge crowd. So, Trump offered National Guard troops for added security, and the Democrats responsible for security, the Mayor of DC and the Speaker of the House, refused to use them. Did Congress’ Jan 6 committee ever question these people about their responsibility and FAILURE?

    Unfortunately, before Trump even finished speaking, a relatively small contingent attacked the Capitol, and the FBI has pursued anyone they could charge with anything with extraordinary zeal.

    I attended the Jan 6th rally. I listened to President Trump’s speech and his call for peaceful protest. When I heard about the riot, I was disgusted. Anyone with half a brain knew those foolish people had ruined things. It was obvious from the start how the riot would be spun by Liberal Democrats, especially their propagandists in the so-call mainstream news media.

    I just have one question for you. Where was the FBI and the zeal they displayed pursuing the Jan 6 rioters during the 2020 George Floyd riots. Those rioters actually did kill policemen and burned down buildings.

      1. That is the best you can come up with?

        You have just tried to justify your posturing over a prosecution related one riot. Meanwhile, you have ignored the violence of 200 others, including a ferocious mob assault on the White House. Can you explain why looks like hypocrisy? Are you even going to try?

        Look carefully at ALL the riots. Some way, somehow Democrat enabled each of them. The only thing different about the Jan 6 riot is that after refusing to provide proper security Democrats rounded anyone who even looked remotely like a culprit, jailed them, and then pressured them to plead guilty or rot in jail. Of course, in the District of Columbia, finding a jury friendly to a Democrat prosecutor is not much of a challenge, but you can gloat over that too and call it social justice.

      2. Wrap view? To some extent that may be true, but at least I can explain my view. All you do is quote the news media you like and insult the people who disagree.

      3. And all you do is parrot crap…..if you spent more time reading my stuff then you would not be confused….but hey it seems you do what you accuse others of doing…..chuq

      4. Since you do enjoy going off topic let me try to bring you….are you defending what these insurrectionist did on 06 January? Never mind that was rhetorical chuq

      5. I was on topic. Instead of addressing the issues I brought you are trying to apply a logical fallacy, guilt by association. That is a ruse largely used by people who cannot defend their own actions. They project their own deviousness onto others and then attack them.

        Tell me why these questions are not pertinent.

        1. Was the White House assaulted by rioters? Did the Secret Service have to protect the president by taking him to a bunker? Who were the people who assaulted the White House?

        2. Were there hundreds of much more violent demonstrations in 2020? How did Democrats respond? With hearings trying to discern who was responsible?

        3. Why weren’t the Mayor of DC and the Speaker of the House held to account for the lack of security on Jan 6. Except for stooges selected by Pelosi, why weren’t Republicans allowed to participate on Congress’ Jan 6 committee?

      6. Do you understand what makes a tyrant tyrannical? He insists that his view of truth — what he wants to believe — is all that matters, and he demands that everyone agree and conform.

        We both know that the primary reason you posted on this trial has very little to do with the defendant himself, but you demand that everyone ignore the obvious. You will accuse anyone who doesn’t of being a right-wing dipshit.

        If that threat doesn’t silence me, are you going to send the FBI to my house to arrest me?

        Look in a mirror. Are you becoming the monster you supposedly abhor?

      7. You sir know nothing. It is about the traitor and I have written about him before….but you would know that if you did not pick and choose what you want to post to give readers your views….you still have not said anything about the man….but then I would not expect you to do so. Have a lovely Sunday chuq

      8. So, you have written about Stewart Rhodes before. So, I have to focus on him alone? You have forgotten your own stated purpose.

        I have taken upon myself to keep the memory of the events in and around the 06 January in the minds of my readers…….NOTHING about that day should ever be forgotten. (from https://lobotero.com/2021/07/15/insurrection-update-7/)

        There were hundreds of riots that year, but only one deserves your wrath? Why is that?

        I am not opposed to civil disobedience….but there is a time for violence……this situation needs the focus to be on the police that murdered this man and not on the riots from the anger.

        I understand the anger and the frustration because there will most likely be little to no justice for the death….but the calm protests are overshadowed by the violence…the media needs the riots to make the conversation for them….a calm and peaceful protest is only good for a 30 second spot….while the violence can be analyzed for many many day and many spots.

        This system of “justice” needs to be changed….and until we rid the world of Trump in the next election it is just wishful thinking. (from https://lobotero.com/2020/05/29/riots/)

        It seems to me that your sympathy is not the least bit even handed. Has it occurred to you that the people you object to expect honest elections? That they might have good reason to complain? Of course not. Your guy won.

        George Floyd was high on a dangerous drug. The policemen who arrested him were probably a bit to careless of his life, but the riots promoted by Democrats and the mass media did a huge amount of damage to life, property, and our political system. Yet you make excuses and castigate the Republican Party for one riot. If that isn’t hypocrisy, what is it?

      9. Why is that? Are you dense? We are talking about an assault on our nation if these dullards had been some Leftist we would not hear the end of it….so there you8 have it…they deserve nothing except jail time….is that clear enough? chuq

      10. So, an assault on the White House is not an assault on our nation, but an assault on the Capitol is. How do you classify the murder of policemen and the destruction of cities?

        The fact is that you are trying to use guilt by association, and you have to ignore hundreds of riots, some much more violent, to make that nonsense work.

      11. When was there a massive assault on the White House? Protests are not riots….breaking into the Capitol and committing vandalism and threats is….and as usual you still have not addressed the guilty verdict….but I do not expect you to do so…..you once accused me of ‘whataboutism’….sound familiar….enough said. chuq

      1. Don’t want to risk spoiling the natural beauty of Cuba any more than it already is. There surely should be some uncharted island in the Pacific somewehre.

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