Principles Are Forever

I have stated many times that in my politics I have formulated my principles and I have never wavered from them….until too many that ‘go with the flow’…..I am antiwar, I think we all deserve health care, and adequate education…on and on….

This is a open letter from Roger Waters that says it so well….

Roger Waters?

Pink Floyd you barbarians!

Today, we are standing on the edge of a precipice, staring into the abyss. The end of all life on earth is a very real possibility. The reins of power have been purchased by the oligarchs and ideologues and they are hell bent on the end of times. Make no mistake. This is not a drill.

Some say the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 is the closest we have come to a nuclear catastrophe, but at least then, JFK and Nikita Khrushchev were in communication. In our current crisis, our leaders are not even talking to each other. We human beings must communicate with each other if we are to survive. We here in the West are drowning in a sea of pro-war propaganda and presumably the Russians are too. How are we the people to make sense in this maelstrom of misinformation? SUPPORT ANTIWAR.COM!!!!!!

“The Powers That Be,” our “Masters,” the self appointed “Ruling Class” want to keep us squabbling, at each other’s throats, to be used us as cannon fodder or slave labor. When a great journalist and truth-teller like Julian Assange is imprisoned for sharing vital information, the time has come to man the barricades, to stand shoulder to shoulder with all our brothers and sisters all over the world in defense of our beautiful planet home.

As I told the audience on every night of my recent tour of the United States and Canada and Mexico we will never sell out. We, and here I include my brothers and sisters at ANTIWAR.COM, will keep speaking Truth to Power.

Roger Waters

No matter how much one hates the idea of diplomacy….there needs to be more concern for crap than the wars we start and we seem to start a new one every year.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


31 thoughts on “Principles Are Forever

  1. When we are talking about human beings, principles are not forever. We lack that capacity. We are subject to change.

    The fact that our principles are not forever is not necessarily a bad thing. We need to learn, and we need to apply what we learn. Undoubtedly, many advertisers would say we need to work for new and improved principles. I think we need we need do our best to see things as our Creator sees them. We need to ask our Lord for the wisdom to properly perceive the difference between right and wrong.

    Most issues require some thought, more thought than is required for name calling.

    Is war always wrong? Do nations have the right and responsibility to defend their sovereignty?

    If healthcare is a right, when does this right begin? Is cosmetic surgery a right? Do the sick and ailing have the right to tax the healthy into poverty to pay for their health care? Some treatments are highly expensive? Do we have the right to make others pay for elective abortions and suicides? Have you ever tried to define the limit of this so-called right?

    Similarly, if education is a right, what is the limit? Who establishes what will be taught to the children and the adults that have this right? Do taxpayers have the responsibility to pay to indoctrinate children and adults in beliefs they abhor. Should the poor pay for the education of people who can afford to pay their own bills?

    1. Your principles may be flexible….mine are not.

      Health care is just that for health reasons….

      Education is just that education….no one has the right to determine what is history…..

      You are blaming the poor for all the that befalls the rich….that is typical.

      Taxpayers, all taxpayers have the duty to pay their way…not to finance wars.

      Bye bye chuq

      1. Do you have any idea what you are talking about? The devil’s principles are inflexible too.

        Listen to you. Can you defend your inflexible principles? Can you even define them properly? If you could you would skip the name calling and just explain why you think I am in error. But all you doing is making statements that sound soooooo emphatic but don’t actually say anything.

      2. I know what I speak of it is you that should be asking that question to yourself….my principles are defined through out my posts….you would know that it you read them and stop looking for the ones you think you have answers for….NOTHING? Really? That is rich from you ….have a day chuq

      3. I have written over 5,000 posts. If I deflected and answered your questions by telling you to read all my posts, I doubt you would take me seriously. I don’t do that, of course.
        If you actually had any interest in what I think, I would either explain or point you to a specific post.

        As it is, I am asking you what you think. What bothers you is that you don’t seem to have given much thought to the things you are posting about. You can explain what you want to do, but you cannot explain why you think what you want would work or what makes what you want an ethical choice. I suppose you think everything is just self-evident.

        When something is self-evident, it is.

        When the principles we uphold do not work, that soon becomes self-evident. Then, we need to consider changing them, Some of us, unfortunately, choose to make others pay the price of upholding our principles. That is how slavery works, for example.

      4. I have not deflected….just pointed out that you find one sentence in a post and attack….I have written over 17,000 posts and my feelings and principles are in almost all of them…..chuq.

      5. So, I have to read all your posts, but I am not allowed to put that one sentence in the context of all your posts?

        What did you say?

        I have stated many times that in my politics I have formulated my principles and I have never wavered from them….until too many that ‘go with the flow’…..I am antiwar, I think we all deserve health care, and adequate education…on and on….

        You made a very generalized statement.

        Did I attack you personally? No. I asked questions. I questioned the philosophical underpinnings of such a statement. Except for attacking me, you don’t have a response? Because I attacked you? Where did I do that?

        Please observe. I have not made the discussion about me. You have. You post. You allow comments. You have not blocked me. Why don’t you just deal with my questions in a straightforward manner?

      6. On the comment thing…….that onwe sentence is not what the post was about… was about a letter by Waters….now if you have a comment on the letter or an opinion on the wars we start then we can continue. chuq

      7. I can’t comment by commenting on the pretext you used for posting Waters’ letter. Sigh!

        All right. How is this?

        Proverbs 20:6 New American Standard Bible

        Many a person proclaims his own loyalty,
        But who can find a trustworthy person?

        The posturing doesn’t much matter. What matters is whether what we propose to do actually makes any sense.

      8. We elect people to do our bidding…well that was the intent….now we just elect people that are self-serving….we mean nothing to them.

      9. Why do we elect the people we elect?

        We vote for people like ourselves. If we elect people who promise to give us other people’s stuff, then we elect takers. If we elect people who promise to protect the God-given rights of our family, friends, neighbors, and countrymen, then we elect public servants. That is why get the government we deserve. We vote for it.

      10. I disagree….I want solid policies not the skin color or the religion or their biases….we have the best government can buy. chuq

      11. What you call solid policies are just Utopian dreams. They don’t work because wanting something is not enough. Just because some politician promises us something does not mean he can keep his promise or that he even intends to try. After all their promises, look at what the Democrats are running on. Republicans are bad and killing the unborn is good.

        We already have the best government can buy, and it doesn’t getter better. That’s why it is best to limit government to the essentials and let people run their own lives and spend their own money, but we have not done that. So, thanks to people who allow themselves to be bought with other people’s money, we do have the best politicians money can buy.

        In fact, bought politicians and government bureaucrats is probably one of America’s leading exports. No one is sharing their records, of course, but it is a good bet the Chinese Communist Party, Putin’s Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia have bought more than a few of our people. Our policies are so dumb nothing else makes sense.

      12. Our entire Congress is bought. The White House is bought. What you call utopian policies are things this country needs. There needs to be more concern for the American people and less concern on large profits. chuq

      13. Our entire Congress? I doubt it, but neither of us know.

        Many of our politicians have been bought. That much is obvious. So, how do we fix that problem? Do we moderate our objectives for government? Or do you propose to perfect “other” people whether they like it or not? That has been tried. We call it tyranny. That cure is worse than the disease.

      14. Take money out of the equation….that gives too much power to the dollar…..all are guilty….they all bow to the donor… can deny this but it is true…..their are many special interest with suit cases of money and there is us….which do you think gets the nod? chuq

      15. Which gets the nod? That depends mostly on why we voted for the person we elected.

        Elections are not always won by the candidates with the biggest campaign war chests.

        There are different ways of influencing elections. Conglomerates use the mass media organizations they own to propagandize the public, labor unions provide campaign workers, public schools indoctrinate the young, incumbents buy influence and votes with the public’s money, religious organizations (That includes Atheistic associations.) promote values that affect how we vote, and so forth. The point is that we get the sort of government we want. We may have been persuaded and manipulated to want it, but we still believe in the right of those who rule to rule, until we are convinced otherwise. Then we will have a revolution, peaceful or otherwise.

      16. Depends on whether we are talking about local or national….I do not agree that schools indoctrinate they educate….but then I cannot say the same thing for private schools. chuq

      17. There is a certain ridiculous in your answer. Most of the people who run this country send their own children to private schools.

  2. Don’t we try to fix the problem by dismantling the Citizens United 2010 Supreme Court ruling? Wasn’t that an intro to it all? Of course, Granny D had objections to the earlier fiscal policy, also. Unfortunately I’m not sure you can take money out of the equation. That’s about all left of America. They’ve even started disbelieving NASA’s climate warning about landslides.

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