It’s About National Security

Ever since the dastardly attacks of 9/11 the warmongers have used national security to justify the pissing away of much needed funds to arm the world and in turn help foment small wars around the globe.

Ukraine is no different….there are those that claim wasted cash on Ukraine is in our national security…..

As the costs of supporting Ukraine’s war effort soar well beyond $50 billion, high-level officials are seeking to sell Americans on even more military spending, with senators, generals and the Ukrainian president himself each insisting aid to Kiev is vital to American interests, amid rampant inflation, mounting shortages and monumental public debt in the US. 

In a statement justifying a recent vote to send another $40 billion in assistance to Ukraine, Republican Senator Ted Cruz argued the move was essential not only for the security of the US, but to ward off a Chinese attack on Taiwan as well. 

“If Putin wins in Ukraine, it will confirm for Xi that he can confidently invade Taiwan,” he said, referring to the Russian and Chinese heads of state. 

“The reason we should support our Ukrainian allies is because it protects American national security, it keeps America safer, and it prevents our enemies from getting stronger, from threatening the safety and security of Americans, and from driving up the cost, the economic damage, to Americans,” Cruz added.

What total bullshit!

Do you really think either China or Russia has desires to invade and conquer the US?

This is just those in the pockets of the defense industry to keep the money flowing and the profits build-up….NOTHING more.

Does anyone with half of a functioning brain really think that Russia or China wants total war with the US?

Total war?

Total war is mainly characterized by the lack of distinction between fighting lawful combatants and civilians. The purpose is to destroy the other contender’s resources so that they are unable to continue to wage war. This might include targeting major infrastructure and blocking access to water, internet, or imports (often through blockades). Additionally, in total war, there is no limit on the type of weapons used and biological, chemical, nuclear, and other weapons of mass destruction may be unleashed.

Does anyone think that either adversaries are prepared for total war?

I do not!

Cruz and the ‘hawks’ are just ilk trying to do the bidding of those people that own them lock stock and barrel.

Feel free to jump into this debate at anytime.

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6 thoughts on “It’s About National Security

  1. Everything you have said in this post is reasonable and accurate and sane. But one thing that I think you fail to realize is that the leadership of China, Russia and The United States are rarely ever reasonable, accurate and sane and in at least two cases, the mental state of the highest-ranked leader in the mix can reasonably be questioned. None of us — not you , not I, not anybody, is going to change the course of history by telling the rest of the world what is sane and reasonable because in unreasonable and the less than sane are in control of the public mind and the public mind is too much concerned with instant self gratification and personal comfort that they could give a crap less about what Washington or Moscow or Beijing does and they will continue to not give a s**t until they wake up some morning with the missiles falling in their own back yards. By then it won’t matter anyway.

    1. I may not change it but I refuse to stop trying…..I could throw my hands up and use every excuse in the book….but I not built that way. chuq

  2. Invade, no. But China absolutely wants to relegate the U.S. to the stature of a Liechtenstein as it regard force projection and economic dominance. Military means is one of the primary arrows in the quiver to pursue that goal.

  3. Givne that there are 393,000,000 privately owned guns in America, a foreign invasion might give those owners a better reason to use them. Other than killing animals and shooting kids in a junior school.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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